Obituary: Darwyn Cooke

Comic book writer and artist Darwyn Cooke (b.1962) died on May 14. Cooke was best known for his work on Catwoman, DC: The New Frontier, The Spirit, and Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter. Following the publication of his first comic in 1985, he didn’t work in comics again until 2000, although he was involved as an story boarder on Batman: The Animated Series and Superman: The Animated Series. In 2006, he won an Eisner Award.

Watchmen Prequels

DC Comics has announced plans to launch seven mini series detailing the lives and backgrounds of the characters of Watchmen. The ground-breaking 1980s series was originally written and conceived by Alan Moore, who will not be involved in the new books. The new series will be written by Brian Azzarello (Rorschach and The Comedian), J. Michael Straczynski (Dr. Manhattan and Nite Owl), Len Wein (Ozymandias), and Darwyn Cooke (Silk Spectre and The Minutemen).

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