Zettel Cancels Detcon1 Appearance

Sarah Zettel, who was scheduled to be one of three emcees at next weekend’s Detcon1, this year’s NASFIC, has had to cancel her appearance. Zettel’s co-emcees, Jim C. Hines and Tom Smith, will handle the duties during the convention.

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Detcon1 Extends YA Nomination Deadline

Detcon1 has announced an extension for nominating works for the Detcon1 Young Adult Speculative Fiction Awards until March 7. Nominations will be accepted from anyone, although only members of Detcon1 will be eligible to vote on the final ballot.

Brown Receives Knight Grant

Detroit author Adrienne Maree Brown has received a $20,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to conduct a series of workshops for a cross-section of Detroit residents to write science fiction stories to be published in a series of ‘zines related to the city’s future. Brown will also interview other Detroiters for her original stories. Brown’s award was just one of 56 awards totaling $2.1 million as part of the Detroit’s Knight Arts Challenge.

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Detcon 1

Detroit has announced that next year’s NASFIC (North American Science Fiction Convention) will take place the weekend of July 17-20 at the Detroit Renaissance Center Marriott. Tammy Coxen will chair along with ConChairs Emeritus Roger Sims and Fred Prophet, who chaired Detention, the Seventeenth Worldcon in 1959. Guests of Honor include Steven Barnes, John Picacio, Bernadette Bosky, Arthur Hlavaty, and Kevin Maroney, Bil and BRenda Sutton, and Helen Greiner.

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NASFIC 2014 and Worldcon 2015

Detroit was selected to host the 2014 NASFIC and Spokane was selected to host the 2015 Worldcon. Although the general results are known, specifics, including voting numbers, names, Guests of Honor, etc. will be announced at the WSFS Business Meeting on Sunday.

Worldcon and NASFiC Options

LoneStarCon 3 has announced that three bids have filed the appropriate paperwork to host the 2015 Worldcon. Helsinki in 2015, Orlando in 2015, and Spokane in 2015 are running for the Worldcon. Detroit and Phoenix are both running to host NASFiC in 2014 when the Worldcon is being held in London. All Adult, Military, and Young Adult Attending and Supporting members of LoneStarCon 3 are eligible to take part in the site selection process.

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LoneStarCon 3
Helsinki in 2015
Orlando in 2015
Spokane in 2015
Detroit in 2014
Phoenix in 2014

Detroit Announced NASFiC Bid

Tammy Coxen has announced a bid to host the 2014 NASFiC in Detroit, Michigan from July 17-20. The bid opposes the previously announced bid to host a NASFiC in Phoenix, Arizona from July 31-August 3. The Detroit NASFiC would take place at the Detroit Renaissance Center Marriott, which has 1,200 rooms and 100,000 sq. ft. of function space. When the Worldcon is held outside North America, as will happen with Loncon 3 in 2014, a North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) is held in North America. The site will be selected by voters at the 2013 Worldcon, LoneStarCon 3.

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SFRA Winners

The winners of the SFRA Awards, presented annually by the Science Fiction Research Association, have been announced. The presentation of the awards will be at this year’s SFRA conference, 28 June-1 July, in Detroit, Michigan.

  • Pilgrim Award (for life time contributions to SF/F studies): Pamela Sargent
  • Pioneer Award (for outstanding essay-length work of the year): “Toward a Cosmopolitan Science Fiction,” by David M. Higgins
  • Thomas D. Clareson Award for Distinguished Service: Art Evans
  • Mary Kay Bray Award (for the best essay, interview, or extended review in the past year’s SFRA Review): “Review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” by T.S. Miller
  • Student Essay Award (for best student paper presented at the previous year’s SFRA conference): “Fantastic Voices: Octavia Butler’s First-Person Narrators and ‘The Evening and the Morning and the Night’,” by Florian Bast

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ConClave Cancelled

The Board of Directors for ConClave, Inc. and the ConClave concom have announced that the convention will not be held in 2012 due to a less than successful hotel search. The organization is still undergoing a comprehensive hotel search and expect to hold the convention again in 2013. The committee will also take the extra time to determine the direction future ConClaves will take given the changing demographics and technologies of fandom and science fiction. ConClave has been held annually in the Detroit area for thirty-six years.

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