Obituary: Dick Spelman

Fan and book dealer Dick Spelman (b.1931) died on March 6 following a battle with cancer and a week after being diagnosed with pneumonia. Spelman began attending conventions in 1952 at TASFIC and in the 1970s began running a book company focusing his sales at conventions. He sold his company to Larry Smith in 1991. Dick also chaired Windycon IX in 1982 and was on the board of directors for Chicon IV that same year. After he retired, he moved down to Florida.

Spelman in Hospice

Former book dealer Dick Spelman has entered hospice in Florida. Spelman sold books at conventions from the 1970s until 1991, when he sold his company to Larry Smith. Spelman attended TASFiC in 1952 and was on the board of directors for Chicon IV. In 1982, he chaired Windycon IX. Spelman has been suffering from cancer. Last week, he was admitted to the hospital and diagnoses with pneumonia and put on a ventilator for three days.