Royal Mail Issues Doctor Who Stamps

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who, the Royal Mail will be releasing official stamps. The main sheet of stamps will include eleven first class stamps, each with an image of one of the actors who portrayed the character. A second sheet of stamps will also be issued that includes one first class stamp depicting the TARDIS and four additional second class stamps depicting the Daleks, Cybermen, Ood, and Weeping Angels. The stamps will be made available in the spring of 2013.

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Obituary: Mary Tamm

Actress Mary Tamm (b.1950) died on July 26, eighteen months after being diagnosed with cancer. Tamm is best known for creating the role of the Time Lord Romana during the Key to Time arc of Doctor Who. She also appeared in several Big Finish audio productions.

Obituary: Caroline John

Actress Caroline John (b.1940) died on June 5. John portrayed Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in four series of Doctor Who opposite Jon Pertwee, as well as reprising the role in The Five Doctors and performed in numerous Doctor Who audio plays. She also appeared in the P.R.O.B.E. series. She was married to Geoffrey Beevers, who played The Master in one Doctor Who serial and also appears in the Doctor Who audio plays.

Obituary: Jenny Tomasin

Actress Jenny Tomasin (b.1936) died on January 3. Although best known for portraying Ruby on Upstairs, Downstairs, Tomasin also appeared in the 1985 Doctor Who serial “Revelations of the Daleks” as Tasambeker and in 2000 appeared in a made-for-television adaptation of Cinderella.

Doctor Who Episodes Found

Two missing episodes of Doctor Who have been discovered. The third episode of the William Hartnell serial “Galaxy 4″ has been found, making it the only known episode of that serial’s four episodes to be known to exist. In addition, the second episode of Patrick Troughton’s serial “The Underwater Menace” has been discovered, meaning that now two of that serials four episodes are known to exist (the third episode appears on the “Lost in Time” DVD set).

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Obituary: Roy Skelton

Actor Roy Skelton (b.1932) died on June 8. Skelton is perhaps best known for providing the voice for the Doctor Who villains the Daleks, from 1967 to 1988. He also provided voice work for the Cybermen and the Krotons. Skelton also appeared as the mock turtle in a version of Alice in Wonderland and was a puppeteer and voice artist on the show Rainbow.

Obituary: Elisabeth Sladen

Actress Elisabeth Sladen (b.1948) died on April 19. Sladen is best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who from 1973 through 1976, a role she reprised several times, including on the new series of Doctor Who, which led to the creation of the Sarah Jane Adventures, on which she starred. In the 1980s, she also appeared in the television productions of Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver in Lilliput.

Obituary: Nicholas Courtney

Actor Nicholas Courtney (b.1929) died February 22. Courtney is best known for his portrayal of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart on Doctor Who, appearing opposite every actor who portrayed the Doctor from William Hartnell through Paul McGann. Courtney was also the honorary president of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society. He reprised his role as the Brigadier on The Sarah Jane Adventures. Other genre work includes Journey to the Far Side of the Sun and The Brides of Fu Manchu.

Where No Doctor Has Gone Before…

The BBC has officially announced that the two-part opener for the next season of Doctor Who will film in Utah. This marks the first time Doctor Who has ever filmed in the United States (the Eight Doctor movie set in San Francisco was filmed in Canada). Matt Smith, Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvill, and Alex Kingston are expected to film in Utah in November.

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