Obituary: Charles S. Roberts

Game designer Charles S. Roberts (b. 1930) died on August 20. Roberts designed Tactics, widely considered to be the first modern board wargame. In 1958, he founded the Avalon Hill Game Company, which produces games including D-Day, Stalingrad, Battle of the Bulge, Gettysburg. His games inspired a generation of later designers, including Dungeons & Dragon’s co-creator Dave Arnason.

Obituary: Dave Arneson

Dave Arneson (b.1947) died on April 7. Arneson was one of the creators of Dungeons and Dragons, along with Gary Gygax. His Blackmoor campaign, which he continued to run throughout his life, formed the basis for the game and was used in official materials for many years. After leaving TSR, Arneson published Adventures in Fantasy and founded his own company, Adventure Games.