GUFF Winner

Croatian fan Mihaela Marija Perković won the Get Up-and-over Fan Fund (GUFF) to represent Europe at Conflux. Perković beat Julie McMurray with a tally of 49-30. Perković has been active in fandom since 1991. Fans from 15 countries participated in the vote.

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World SF Travel Fund

The World SF Travel Fund is being established to help a member of the SF community to travel to a major genre event. The fund is currently trying to raise $6,000 in an effort to fund its first two years of operation. Unlike traditional fan funds which vote on the recipients of the funds, the World SF Travel Fund has a board which will decide who the fund recipient will be. The board is comprised of Lauren Beukes, Aliette de Bodard, Ekaterina Sedia, Cheryl Morgan, and Lavie Tidhar. The fund hopes to raise enough to bring Philippines fan and editor Charles Tan to the World Fantasy Con in San Diego in October of 2011.

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Cake Takes the DUFF

David Cake won DUFF (the Down Under Fan Fund) over Paula McGrath. On his third race to come from Down under to North America, Cake received 80 votes to McGrath’s 57. A total of 148 votes were cast, with the remaining split between “No Preference,” “Hold Over,” and “None of the Above.” Cake will travel to North America to attend Renovation, this year’s Worldcon.

DUFF Nominees

David Cake and Paula McGrath have been announced as the nominees for this year’s DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) race. The winner of the race will travel to North America to attend Renovation and also tour North America. Anyone who were active in fandom before January 1, 2011 may vote. The voting deadline is March 31.

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NAFF Nominations Open

The call for nominations for the 2011 National Australia Fan Fund (NAFF) has opened. NAFF sends one fan each year to the current National Science Fiction Convention, which this year will be held in Perth at Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty. Any active fan living outside Western Australia is eligible to nominate.

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DUFF Winner

Emma Hawkes has won this year’s DUFF race, to bring a fan from Australasia to North America. Hawkes will attend this year’s Worldcon in in Montreal. She won in a field of four candidates, which included a team of two.

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2009 DUFF Nominees Announced

This year’s DUFF nominees, to travel from Australasia to Montreal for Anticipation, have been announced. Voting is open to anyone active in fandom prior to January 1, 2008. This year’s nominees include Emma Hawkes, Chris Nelson, Alison Barton, and the team of David Cake and Grant Watson.

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