Finnish Award Season

A variety of Finnish science fiction awards were presented at Finncon 2014. The Atorox Award is presented for best Finnish story of the previous year, the Tähtifantasia Award is for best book translated into Finnish, the Nova Award is for writers who haven’t published a book, and the Kosmoskynä award is for achievement in advancing Finnish science fiction.

  • Atorox Award: “Mare Nostrum,” by Jussie Katajala (“The Winds Get Stronger Tomorrow”)
  • Tähtifantasia Award: Kanelipuodit ja muita kertomuksia, by Bruno Schulz
  • Nova Award: Ugrilainen tapaus, Tuukka Tenhunen
  • Kosmoskynä Award: Pasi Karppanen

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Helsinki Rising

Helsinki has announced that it will bid to host the Worldcon in 2017. Helsinki finished second in the voting for the 2015 Worldcon (losing to Spokane). Helsinki will once again be in a race with multiple other bids as Japan and Montreal have previously announced bids for 2017.

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Ajan Polut Winners

The Ajan polut competition for alternate history announced a three-way tie for first place at Finncon on July 17. Each winner received a cash prize of €200.

  • Jotta taidat suomen kielen” (“So You’ll Know the Finnish Language”), by Jussi Katajala
  • Presidentin elokuut” (“The President’s Autumns”), by Jussi Katajala
  • Uusi maailma” (“A New World”), by Anne-Mari Halonen

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