Galactica Suburbia Award

The winner of the first Galactica Suburbia Award, presented by the Galactica Suburbia podcast for activism and/ or communication that advances the feminist conversation in the field of speculative fiction has been announced. In addition to the winner, an honors list was also released.

  • Nicola Griffith for the Russ Pledge, and associated blogging

Honors List

  • Carrie Goldman and her daughter Katie, for sharing their story about how Katie was bullied at school for liking Star Wars, and opening up a massive worldwide conversation about gender binaries and gender-related bullying among very young children.
  • Cheryl Morgan for Female Invisibility Bingo, associated blogging, and podcasting, and basically fighting the good fight
  • Helen Merrick, for the Feminism article on the SF Encyclopedia
  • Jim C Hines for “Jane C Hines” and associated blogging, raising awareness of feminist issues in the SF/Fantasy publishing field.
  • Julia Rios, Kirstyn McDermott, and Ian Mond for Episode 11 of the Outer Alliance podcast
  • L. Timmel Duchamp for continuing to raise issues of importance on the Ambling Down the Aqueduct blog and various Aqueduct Press projects
  • Michelle Lee for the blog post “A 7-year-old girl responds to DC Comics’ sexed-up reboot of Starfire”

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