DreamHaven Partnership

Greg Ketter and Alice Bentley have announced a new partnership for Minneapolis’s DreamHaven Books. Ketter has run DreamHaven since its inception and was a partner with Bentley in her Chicago-based store The Stars Our Destination. Bentley will be moving to Minneapolis to help run the store. DreamHaven currently does mail order, deals at conventions, and operates out of its storefront 1-2 days a week. The new arrangements will allow the storefront to be open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from Noon until 6:30 pm beginning in early April.

DreamHaven to Close

Greg Ketter has announced that he will be closing DreamHaven Books on 38th Street in Minneapolis. DreamHaven has been in business for thirty-five years and, at one time, had multiple stores as well as a catalog and convention presence. According to Ketter, the catalog will continue and he will continue to attend and sell books at conventions.

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