Strock Takes a Cab

Ian Randal Strock, publisher of Fantastic Books, found himself in Ben Bailey’s taxi for an episode of the television game show Cash Cab, along with Greg Draves and Anton Spivack. Cash Cab tests rider’s knowledge of trivia during a cab ride. Their episode will likely air in the Fall. Previously, SF author Mary Anne Mohanraj appeared in an episode of Cash Cab Chicago.

Fantastic Books Sold

Ian Randal Strock has purchased Fantastic Books from Warren Lapine. Founded by Lapine to be the sf-reprint publishing arm of Wilder Publications, Strock has expanded the imprint to include original books, including Scott William Carter’s The Dinosaur Diaries and Sarah Totton’s Animythical Tales. Acquiring editors David Truesdale, Darrell Schweitzer, and Douglas Cohen will all be remaining with the company.

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