Premio Italia Awards

The fortieth Premio Italia Awards were announced at Italcon 40.

  • Best SF Novel: Livido, by Francesco Verso
  • Best Fantasy Novel: Il Gran Sole Radioso, by Donato Altomare
  • Best International Novel: Paradisi perduti (Paradises Lost), by Ursula K. LeGuin
  • Best Professional Short Story: “Mechardionica,” by Dario Tonani
  • Best Amateur Short Story: “Figlio dello spazio,” by Franca Scapellato
  • Best Essay (in a volume): “Misteri dallo spazio e dal tempo,” by Giovanni Mongini
  • Best Professional Article: “Le prime immagini di Into Darkness,” by Alberto Lisiero and Gabriella Cordone
  • Best Amateur Article: “La mappa del futuro,” by Giovanni De Matteo
  • Best Artist: Franco Brambilla
  • Best Editor: Emanuele Manco
  • Best Translator: Salvatore Proietti
  • Best SF Book Series: Odissea Fantascienza
  • Best SF Professional Magazine: Robot
  • Best Amateur Magazine: Fondazione SF Magazine
  • Best Amateur Web Site/Best Amateur Online Magazine: Cronache di un sole lontano
  • Best Comics Artist: Carlo Recagno

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Obituary: Antonio Caronia

Italian SF critic Antonio Caronia (b.1944) died on January 30. Caronia joined the Ambiguous Utopia, a Milanese science fiction group, in 1978. Caronia went on to publish several studies of science fiction, most notably Il Cyborg, and a biogrpahy of Philip K. Dick. He was responsible for translating several anglophonic authors into Italian, including the works of J. G. Ballard.

Obituary: Mariangela Melato

Italian actress Mariangela Melato (b.1941) died on January 11. Melato appeared almost exclusively in Italian films, but did play the role of Kala in the 1980 film version of Flash Gordon.

Obituary: Carlo Fruttero

Italian author Carlo Fruttero (b.1926) died on January 15. Much of his work was done in collaboration with Franco Lucentini and the two men edited the science fiction magazine Urania from 1964 through 1985. The men also wrote science fiction, humor, and other genres. From 1972 to 1975 they also edited the comic Il Mago.

Obituary: Gianluca Casseri

Italian author Gianluca Casseri (b.1961) killed himself on December 14 after murdering two Senegalese immigrants to Italy and wounding three others. His shooting spree led to a march by the Florentine Senegalese community. Casseri wrote the fantasy novel The Key of Chaos. He also wrote an academic paper about Dracula folklore and was the editor of a magazine about fantasy and horror fiction and comics.

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