Hank Reinhardt Award

This year’s Hank Reinhardt Award was presented to Jennifer Liang. The Reinhardt Award is given out each year to a Georgian author, artist, or fan who has made outstanding contributions to the genre. Liang is the chair of JordanCon and serves at the Director of the High Fantasy Track at Dragon Con. She has also served as President of the Southern Fandom Confederation. The Award has been presented since 1990, when it was called the Georgia Fandom Award and given to Hank Reinhardt. The name was changed in 2009 to further honor Reinhardt, who died in 2007.

Southern Fandom Confederation Elections

The Southern Fandom Confederation announced the winners of its elections for 2014, with Warren Buff having announced his retirement, most of the rest of the board stood for reelection.

  • President: Jennifer Liang
  • Vice-President: Mike Rogers
  • Secretary: Tom Feller
  • Treasurer: Pat Molloy

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