Pournelle Memorial Service

A public memorial service for Jerry Pournelle will be held on Saturday, September 16 at Noon Pacific time a St. Frances de Sales Church, 13368 Valleyheart Drive, Sherman Oaks, CA.

Obituary: Jerry Pournelle

Author Jerry Pournelle (b.1933) died on September 8. Pournelle won the first John W. Campbell Award for Best New Author in 1973, the same year he published his first novel and was elected President of SFWA. In addition to his own novels, he co-wrote many novels with Larry Niven, often with other authors as well, including Inferno, The Mote in God’s Eye, and Lucifer’s Hammer. The novel Fallen Angels, which he co-wrote with Niven and Michael F. Flynn, received the Seiun and Prometheus Awards. Pournelle also edited several anthology series, including War World, which allowed other authors to write in his universe, and There Will Be War.

Pournelle Wins Heinlein

Jerry Pournelle has been announced as the winner of the 2016 Robert A. Heinlein Memorial Award, presented by the National Space Society at the International Space Development Conference. The award recognizes Pournelle’s activities in the L5 Society, the early years of the NSS (including chairing the first ISDC), and as Chair of the Citizen’s Advisory Council on National Space Policy. The award will be presented at this year’s ISDC in San Juan, Puerto Rico the weekend of May 18-22, 2016.
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Pournelle Suffers Minor Stroke

Author Jerry Pournelle has suffered a minor stroke according to his son. Pournelle’s wife saw the indications early. At the time of Philip Pournelle’s report, his father was speaking reasonably clearly in the background while he was walking to his mother on the phone.

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