Worldcon 75 Expands Chairman’s Staff

Jukka Halme, the Chair of Worldcon 75, has announced the appointment of Karo Leikomaa and Colette H. Fozard as vice-chairs of this year’s Worldcon, to be held in Helsinki. Originally, Halme was co-chairing the convention with two others, both of whom have resigned. This appointment helps fill the management team of the event. Leikomaa has served on the con com of several Finncons in a variety of positions and Fozard has served as senior staff for Arisia, Balticon, MAGFest, and Zenkaikon.
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Helsinki Co-Chair Resigns

Crystal Huff, one of the co-chairs of Worldcon 75, to be held next year in Helsinki, Finland, has announced her resignation as co-chair, noting that she will remain active in the convention in a different role. Huff cited work and family as reasons for stepping down from the position. She has been instrumental over the past four years of representing the bid and the convention throughout the United States and working to make it a reality. Jukka Halme remains at the sole chair of the convention.

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GUFF Winner Announced

Finnish fan Jukka Halme was named the GUFF winner in a field that included a total of one competitor, so his victor was practically assured. Halme will travel to Brisbane, Australia for Contact, the 2016 Australian Natcon, to be held March 25-28, 2016.