Private ICFA Scholarship Available

A private scholarship to permit a person of color to attend next year’s International Conference of the Fantastic in the Arts in Orlando, FL from march 17-21. The award is a private presentation by Arthur Hlavaty, Bernadette Bosky, and Kevin Maroney.

To qualify for the scholarship, the applicant should:

  • have an interest in race and fantastic literature including science-fiction and/or horror, identify
  • be known as someone who is not white
  • will be 21 or over in March
  • want to actively participate in conference activities/discussions
  • cannot get money from a university to help you attend

The decision will be made by the judges using their our own criteria, including (but far from limited to) any writing you have done that we have seen and if we already know you personally; the decision is not subject to debate.

The deadline is Thursday, November 12.

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