Last Drink Bird Head Nominations

Last year, Jeff & Ann VanderMeer began presenting the Last Drink Bird Head Awards for those in the genre community who enrich us with their time, energy, and words, for causes greater than themselves. They have announced the 2009-10 nominees. The winners will be announced on October 16 in conjunction with the WSFS Small Press Awards at Capclave.

Gentle Advocacy
In recognition of individuals willing to enter into blunt discourse about controversial issues…

  • Ay-leen the Peacemaker (for Beyond Victoriana)
  • Hal Duncan (for blogging and Notes from New Sodom)
  • N.K. Jemisin (for blogging and commentary)
  • Jason Sanford (for blogging)

Tireless Energy
In recognition of individuals who selflessly give of themselves for worthy causes, websites, or organizations…

  • Rick Kleffel (for The Agony Column)
  • Leslie Howle (for Clarion West and Hugo House activities)
  • Debbie Notkin (for Tiptree Awards work, Wiscon work, and other activities)
  • Victor Raymond (for past Carl Brandon Society and Interstitial Arts Foundation work, as well as other behind-the-scenes activities)

Promotion of Reading
In recognition of individuals whose efforts contribute to the promotion of reading or an increase in reading proficiency…

  • Colleen Cahill (for Library of Congress work as a genre fiction advocate and as the library’s representative to the ALA)
  • James Gunn (for his work with AboutSF)
  • Julia Starkey (for building the Harvard Library’s SF/F section)
  • Lynne Marie Thomas (for archiving the works and papers of SF/F authors)

Expanding Our Vocabulary
In recognition of writers whose nonfiction, through reviews, blogging, and/or essays, exposes readers to new words and, often, new ideas…

  • Matthew Cheney
  • Anil Menon
  • Abigail Nussbaum
  • Adam Roberts

International Activism
In recognition of those who work to bring writers from other literary traditions and countries to the attention of readers in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia…

  • Larry Nolen (for coverage of international fiction, primarily on The Of Blog)
  • Charles Tan (for Bibliophile Stalker and The World SF Blog)
  • Lavie Tidhar (for The World SF Blog)
  • Yan Wu, Guangyi Li, and Nathaniel Isaacson (for Chinese Sci Fi )

The Neil Clarke Special Achievement Award

  • Winner: L. Timmel Duchamp

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