Suit Against SFWA Volunteers Dismissed

A lawsuit filed by Robert Fletcher against SF authors Ann Crispin and Victoria Strauss claiming defamation, loss of business and emotional distress has been dismissed with prejudice by a Massachusetts judge. Crispin and Strauss were sued in line with their volunteer work for SFWA’s “Writer Beware” site pointing out questionable agencies and business practices. The suit was dismissed because of Fletcher’s failure to respond to discovery or otherwise prosecute the lawsuit. Fletcher and his companies are currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Office. Crispin and Strauss intend to file suit against Fletcher and his companies in an attempt to recoup legal fees.

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Ellison Lawsuit

Harlan Ellison has filed a lawsuit against Paramount Studios and the Writers Guild of America over the merchandising, publishing, or any other exploitations of his script to the classic Star Trek episode “The City on the Edge of Forever.” The lawsuit notes Paramount’s licensing of the Crucible series and includes the WGA with the claim that they failed to act on numerous requests. Ellison’s suit is based on the collective bargaining agreement entered into between the WGA and Paramount.