SLF Drip Campaign

Mary Anne Mohanraj has announced that the Speculative Literature Foundation has partnered with Kickstarter to use their new Drip Funding system to offer regular subscriptions. The new model allows the SLF to plan for a steady stream of sponsor support in their planning.
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Strock Takes a Cab

Ian Randal Strock, publisher of Fantastic Books, found himself in Ben Bailey’s taxi for an episode of the television game show Cash Cab, along with Greg Draves and Anton Spivack. Cash Cab tests rider’s knowledge of trivia during a cab ride. Their episode will likely air in the Fall. Previously, SF author Mary Anne Mohanraj appeared in an episode of Cash Cab Chicago.

Mohanraj on Cash Cab Chicago

Chicago author Mary Anne Mohanraj (Bodies in Motion) appeared as a contestant on the fourth installment of the game show Cash Cab Chicago on February 17.