Sturgeon and Campbell Winners

The winners of the Campbell and Sturgeon Awards were announced on August 18 at the Campbell Conference, held this year in conjunction with MidAmeriCon II, the worldcon, in Kansas City, Mo. Both are juried awards, with the Campbell being presented for the Best SF Novel and the Sturgeon for Best Short Story. Next year, the Campbell Conference will be held in Lawrence, Kansas during its more traditional month of June.

  • John W. Campbell Award: Radiomen, by Eleanor Lerman
  • Theodore Sturgeon Award: “The Game of Smash and Recovery,” by Kelly Link

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Big Heart Award

Edie Stern and Joe Siclari received the Big Heart Award during the Hugo ceremony at MidAmeriCon II on August 20. Siclari and Stern have worked to preserve fannish history and help make it more accessible. The award was presented by Sue Francis.

Alfie Awards

George R. R. Martin announced the winners of the Alfie Awards, named for Alfie Bester and created to combat attempts to game the Hugo Award system, as his Hugo Losers Party on August 20. Martin created the first Hugo Losers Party in a hotel room at MidAmeriCon in 1976. This year’s event was held at the Midland Theatre in Kansas City.

  • Best Short Story: “Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers,” by Alyssa Wong
  • Best Related Work: Letters to Tiptree, by Alisa Krasnostein and Alexandra Pierce
  • Best Graphic Novel: Bitch Planet, Volume 1: Extraordinary Machine, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro, Taki Soma, and Robert Wilson
  • Best Artist: Julie Dillon
  • Best Fanzine: Journey Planet
  • Best Fancast: Tea and Jeopardy, by Emma Newman & Peter Newman
  • Best Fan Writer: Alexandra Erin
  • Special Committee Award: Black Gate
  • Special Committee Award: Locus

Hugo Awards

The Hugo Award winners were announced at MidAmeriCon II on August 20 at a ceremony toastmastered by Pat Cadigan and Jan Siegel.

  • Best Novel: The Fifth Season, by N.K. Jemisin
  • Best Novella: Binti, by Nnedi Okorafor
  • Best Novelette: “Folding Beijing,” by Jingfang Hao, trans. Ken Liu
  • Best Short Story: “Cat Pictures Please,” by Naomi Kritzer
  • Best Related Work: No Award
  • Best Graphic Story: The Sandman: Overture, by Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams
  • Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): The Martian
  • Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): Jessica Jones: “A.K.A. Smile”
  • Best Editor (Long Form): Sheila E. Gilbert
  • Best Editor (Short Form): Ellen Datlow
  • Best Professional Artist: Abigail Larson
  • Best Semiprozine: Uncanny Magazine
  • Best Fanzine: File 770
  • Best Fancast: No Award
  • Best Fan Writer: Mike Glyer
  • Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles
  • John W. Campbell Award: Andy Weir

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Worldcon for 2018 Selected

San Jose, CA has won the right to host the 2018 Worldcon, beating a bid for New Orleans, LA by 675-594 with 24 write-ins. The convention, which will be known as Worldcon 76, will take place the weekend of August 16-20. The guests of honor are Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Pierre & Sany Pettinger, and Spider Robinson. In addition, Rob Wilkins and Edgar Pangborn will be Ghosts of Honor.
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NASFIC 2017 Selected

San Juan, Puerto Rico has won the right to host the 2017 NASFIC (North American Science Fiction Convention), beating a bid for Valley Forge, PA by 233-182 with 4 write-ins. The convention, which will be known as NorthAmeriCon ’17, the 12th NASFIC, will take place the weekend of July 6-9. The guests of honor are Daína Chaviano, Tobias Buckell, George Perez, Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ., Javier Grillo-Marxuach, and Paul Smith.
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Sidewise Winners

The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History winners have been announced at MidAmeriCon II following a discussion of alternate history featuring several past winners for the 20th anniversary presentation of the award.

  • Short Form: “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore,” by Bill Crider
  • Long Form: The Big Lie, by Julie Mayhew

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First Fandom Awards

The First Fandom Awards were presented at MidAmeriCon II on Thursday, August 18 during the Retro-Hugo Ceremony. Stephen Francis and Keith W. Stokes made the presentation.

  • Hall of Fame: Ben Bova, Joseph Wrzos
  • Posthumous Hall of Fame: Olon F. Wiggins, Lew Martin, Roy V. Hunt
  • Sam Moskowitz Archive Award: Stephen D. Korshak, Ned Brooks (Posthumous)

Chesley Awards

The Chesley Awards, for artwork produced in 2015, were presented at Sasquan on the afternoon of August 18. The awards are presented by ASFA.

  • Best Cover Illustration: Hardcover Book: Todd Lockwood for Voyage of the Basilisk, by Marie Brennan
  • Best Cover Illustration: Paperback Book: Tyler Jacobson for Beyond the Pool of Stars, by Howard Andrew Jones
  • Best Cover Illustration: Magazine: Tran Nguyen for Uncanny #4
  • Best Interior Illustration: Peter Mohrbacher for Angelarium: Book of Emanations, by Peter Mohrbacher & Eli Minaya
  • Best Color Work: Unpublished: Donato Giancola for Beron and Luthien in the Court of Thingal and Melian, Oil
  • Best Monochrome Work: Unpublished: Travis Lewis for Symbiosis, Graphite
  • Best Three-Dimensional Art: Forest Rogers for The Morrigan, Mixed
  • Best Product Illustration: John Picacio for El Arbol – Loteria card
  • Best Gaming – Related Illustration: Ryan Yee for Fruit of the First Tree, Fate Reforged Magic Card,
  • Best Art Director: Neil Clarke for Clarkesworld magazine
  • Lifetime Artistic Achievement: Kinuko Y. Craft

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Retro Hugo Award Winners

The Retro Hugos were announced on August 18 at MidAmeriCon II in Kansas City, followed by a 1930s themed dance. The Retro Hugos are given out 50, 75, or 100 years after a Worldcon in which the Hugos were not previously awarded.

  • Best Novel: Slan, by A.E. Van Vogt
  • Best Novella: “If This Goes On…,” by Robert A. Heinlein
  • Best Novelette: “The Roads Must Roll,” by Robert A. Heinlein
  • Best Short Story: “Robbie,” by Isaac Asimov
  • Best Graphic Story: Batman #1
  • Best Dramatic Presentation (Long Form): Fantasia
  • Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form): Pinocchio
  • Best Editor – Short Form: John W. Campbell
  • Best Professional Artist: Virgil Finlay
  • Best Fanzine: Futuria Fantasia, by Ray Bradbury
  • Best Fan Writer: Ray Bradbury