Gerhartsreiter Found Guilty

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, 52, has been found guilty of first degree murder of John Sohus in 1985. Sohus and his wife Linda were active in LASFS until their disappearance. Gerhartsreiter, who has used the aliases Christopher Chichester and Clark Rockefeller, is believed to have murdered both of the Sohuses, although Linda’s body has never been found. Gerhartsreiter originally claimed the couple had left on vacation, but John’s remains were discovered by a construction crew in 1994.

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Dark Knight Rises Massacre

A 24-year-old, identified as James Holmes, entered a Chinese Mann movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado shortly after the start of a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises began, released a gas canister, and began shooting at the crowd. The man was wearing a bulletproof vest and gas mask and was armed with multiple weapons. At least twelve people were killed and fifty injured. The man was arrested shortly after 12:30 AM. Warner Brothers has announced the cancellation of a red-carpet premiere scheduled for Paris, France this evening.

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Obituary: Gianluca Casseri

Italian author Gianluca Casseri (b.1961) killed himself on December 14 after murdering two Senegalese immigrants to Italy and wounding three others. His shooting spree led to a march by the Florentine Senegalese community. Casseri wrote the fantasy novel The Key of Chaos. He also wrote an academic paper about Dracula folklore and was the editor of a magazine about fantasy and horror fiction and comics.

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Charges in Sohus Murder

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter, who has also gone by the names “Clark Rockefeller,” “Christopher Crowe,” and “Christopher Chichester,” has been charged with the 1985 murder of LA fan and LASFS member Jonathan Sohus. Gerhartsreiter, who was using the Chichester name at the time, was a tenant of Sohus and his wife, Linda. Both Jonathan and Linda disappeared in 1985, but only Jonathan’s remains have been found.

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Actor Found Guilty

Actor Shelley Malil has been found guilty of attempted murder after stabbing his girlfriend more than twenty times during a quarrel in 2008. He was acquitted of an additional charge of residential burglary. Malil faces up to 16 years in prison. Best known for his role in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Malil’s genre credits include episodes of The Adventures of Briscoe County, Jr., Good vs. Evil, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, and the film My Favorite Martian.

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Charges in Perry Death

Zephyrhills police have filed murder charges against James William Davis for killing former Thundercats writer Steve Perry. Perry had disappeared in mid-May, and his dismembered body was found later in the month. Davis and his wife Roxanne, who had been Perry’s roommates, were arrested on drug charges and named persons of interest in Perry’s disappearance and, later, murder. Roxanne has not been charged with Perry’s murder, but police have not yet ruled out her involvement.

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Obituary: Steve Perry

Thundercats writer Steve Perry (b.1954) who disappearance was reported earlier, has been declared a murder victim by the Zephyrhills police. Perry disappeared from his home around May 16 and shortly afterward, two of his roommates were arrested on unrelated charges. Police were not ready, at the time, to declare Perry a murder victim, despite finding a severed arm in his abandoned van and other body parts nearby. They have not indicated why they now consider him a murder victim. In addition to Thundercats, Perry also worked on the comic books Timespirits and Silverhawks.

Perry should not to be confused with others of the same name, including a science fiction author.