Sapienza Endowment Established

Chicon 7 has created the Peggy Rae Sapienza Endowment at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb using surplus funds. The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support to benefit the Northern Illinois University Library, Special Collections, for the procurement, preservation, and promotion of materials germane to the study of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror and their fandoms. The initial endowment of $25,000 was made at a Reception during the Nebula Award Weekend in Chicago and represents the last of Chicon 7’s surplus, and Chicon invites other individuals and organizations to donate to the endowment to improve its efficacy. Steven H Silver, who was one of three Chicon 7 Vice Chairs, will serve as the fund’s trustee.

Chicon III Exhibit

Northern Illinois University is currently hosting an exhibit of books, papers, and other memorabilia associated with Chicon III, the 20th World Science Fiction Convention. The exhibit was curated by Lynne M. Thomas and Guest Curator Steven H Silver and assistance from Michael D. Thomas. The physical exhibit is located the the NIU Library, although a portion of the exhibit has been made available on-line.

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Saberhagen Papers to NIU

Fred Saberhagen’s papers have been donated to Northern Illinois University’s research collection. Saberhagen’s works included the Complete Book of Swords, The Dracula Tapes, and the Berserker series. Over the past several years, NIU has acquired the papers of numerous authors, including Jack McDevitt and Carol Emshwiller.

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