Millennicon Ends Its Run

Millennicon has announced that this year’s event, its 30th, would be the final Millennicon. The Cincinnati convention began in 1986 with Millennicon -15, with a numbering scheme counting up to the Millennium. Once that goal was reached, they picked up with Millennicon 16. Con chair Christy Johnson explained that decreasing memberships and hotel nights caused the committee to decide to close out the convention.
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Ohayocon Member Found

Ashley Lane, the teenager who disappeared from Ohayocon on Saturday, was found on Tuesday afternoon in Columbus. Lane told police that she was aware of the search for her, but prior to attending the convention had decided to use the family trip to meet up with someone and run away.
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Ohayocon Member Missing

Ashley Lane (a.k.a. Ray Lane), disappeared while attending Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio on January 31. Lane, who is transgendered, left her room to attend a late night rave at the con and hasn’t been seen since. Lane is 15-years-old, six feet tall with a slender build, brown eyes, and magenta-colored hair. Columbus police are asking for anyone with possible leads to contact them.

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ETA: Ms. Lane was found safe on February 3.