Obituary: Cornel Robu

Romanian critic Cornel Robu (b.1938) died on October 27. Robu edited the first reprint and critical edition of Victor Anestin’s În anul 4000 sau O cǎlǎtorie la Venus. Robu also edited multiple critical anthologies of Romanian science fiction. Robu was also a university lecturer and wrote the entry on Romanian science fiction for the Science Fiction Encyclopedia.

Obituary: Florin Manolescu

Romanian author Florin Manolescu (b.1943) died on December 13. Manolescu’s doctoral thesis, published as Literatura S.F., was the first dissertation on science fiction in Romania. From 1968-92, he taught at the University of Bucharest and then moved to Ruhr University until 2010, when he returned to Bucharest as a visiting professor. In addition to his scholarly works, Manolescu wrote numerous short stories which were collected in Misterul camerei închise, Mentaliștii, and Il Gatto e l’astronomo.

Obituary: Liviu Radu

Romanian author Liviu Radu (b.1948) died on October 17. Radu began publishing fiction in 1993 with the story “Faţa nevăzută a planetei Marte.” In addition to his own fiction, Radu translated the works of numerous Anglophonic authors into Romanian. He also founded the Ion Hobana National Colloquium. Over the years, Radu won the the Vladimir Colin Grand Prix, the Imagination Seniors Award, the Ion Hobana Award, and the 2010 Eurocon Encouragement Award.

Galileo Awards

The winners of the Galileo Awards 2012 were announced on February 26. The Galileo Awards are presented in Romania by Galileo Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine, whose subscribers select the winners. In addition, the magazine’s staff selects a lifetime achievement award winner. The awards will be presented on March 18 at the Final Frontier II Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Fair in Bucharest. Each award comes with a prize of 500 lei and a trophy.

  • Best F&SF Book Award: Demnet, by Dan Dobos
  • Best F&SF Short Fiction Award: “Povestea Lui Calistrat Hadimbu Din Vizireni, Ucis Miseleste de Nenicul Raul Colentina Intr-un han de la Marginea Bucurestilor,” (“The story of Calistrat Hadimbu from Vizireni, cowardly killed by master Raul Colentina in an inn on the outskirts of Bucharest”) by Michael Haulica
  • Best F&SF Anthology Award: Steampunk: A Doua Revolutie, edited by Adrian Craciun
  • Lifetime Achievement: Liviu Radu

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Obituary: Ion Hobana

Romanian SF author Ion Hobana (b.Aurelian Manta Roşie, 1931) died February 22 in a Bucharest hospital. Hobana’s most recent work was an history of French science fiction prior to 1900. Among many novels, short stories, and critical works, Hobana’s stories “A Kind of Space” and “Night Broadcast” were translated into English.

Romanian Science Fiction and Fantasy Society Awards

The Romanian Science Fiction & Fantasy Society announced the winners of their annual awards on November 19 at the Gaudeamus International Book Fair in Bucharest. The winners were selected by a jury comprised of Danut Ungureanu, Marian Truta, Feri Balin, Cristian Tamas, and Sorin Camner. The inaugural awards were presented in 2009.

  • Best Author: Cristian Mihail Teodorescu
  • Best Artist: Alex Popescu
  • Best Translator: Mihai Dan Pavelescu
  • Prize for Journalism: Stefan Ghidoveanu
  • Best Publisher: Nemira Publishing Press

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