Seiun Winners

The winners of the 2014 Seiun Awards were announced this past weekend at Nutscon, the 53rd Japanese National SF convention, in Tsukuba, Japan. The Seiun is selected by a vote of the membership of the Japanese National convention.

    Best Japanese Long Story: From Mt.Kororogi, From Jupiter Trojan, by issui ogawa

  • Best Japanese Short Story: “Ima Shuugouteki Muishikio,” by Kosyu Tani
  • Best Translated Long Story: Blindsight, by Peter Watts, translated by Yoichi Shimada
  • Best Translated Short Story: “The Paper Menagerie,” by Ken Liu, translated by Furusawa Yoshimi-dori
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Pacific Rim, director by Guillermo del Toro
  • Best Comic: The World of Narue by Marukawa Tomohiro, edited by Kadokawa Shoten
  • Best Artist: Naoyuki Katoh
  • Best Nonfiction: DIY Liquid Fuel Rocket by the Summer Rocket team, Asari Yoshitoh
  • Other Works: Nova SF, edited by Nozomi Ohmori

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Seiun Award Winners

The winners of the Seiun Awards were announced on July 20 at KOICON, the Japanese National SF Convention, in Hiroshima. The prizes for the translated stories will be presented at LoneStarCon 3.

  • Best Japanese Long Story: The Empire of Corpses, by Priject Itoh X Enjoe
  • Best Japanese Short Story: “Ima Shuugouteki Muishikio,” by Chohei Kanbayashi
  • Best Translated Long Story: The Android’s Dream, by John Scalzi, translated by Masayuki Uchida
  • Best Translated Short Story: “Pocketful of Dharma,” by Paolo Bacigalupi, translated by Hiroshi Kaneko
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Bodacious Space Pirates, directed by Tatsuo Sato
  • Best Comic: Inherit the Stars, by Yukinobu Hoshino
  • Best Artist: Kenji Tsuruta
  • Best Nonfiction: Offprint of The Present and Future of CGM: The World Opened Up, by Hatsune Miku, Nico Nico Douga, and PIAPRO” from the May 2012 issue of IPSJ Magazine
  • “Free” Section: iPS cells, CiRA Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University

Seiun Awards

The winners of the Japanese Seiun Awards, voted on by attendees of Donbura Con L, the 50th Japanese Science Fiction Convention, we announced on September 3.

  • Japanese Novel: Kyonen wa Ii Toshi ni Narudarou (Last Year Was Probably a Good Year), by Yamamoto Hiroshi
  • Japanese Short Story: “Arisuma-oo no Aishita Mamono” (“King Arisuma’s Beloved Demon”), by Ogawa Issui
  • Foreign Novel: Eifelheim, by Michael Flynn
  • Foreign Short Story: “Carry the Moon in My Pocket,” by James Lovegrove
  • Media: District 9
  • Comics: Hagane no Renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist), by Arakawa Hiromu
  • Art: Naoyuki Katou
  • Non-fiction: Sa wa saiensu no sa (Sa is for Science), by Tsukasa Shikano
  • Open category: Hayabusa (MUSES-C) space probe

Seiun Awards

The Seiun Award winners were announced in Japan the weekend of August 6. Traditionally, the awards for translated works are presented to the winners at Worldcon.

  • Best Novel: Guin Saga series, by Kaoru Kurimoto
  • Best Short Story: “Jisei no yume,” by Hirotaka Tobi
  • Best Translated Novel: The Last Colony, by John Scalzi
  • Best Translated Short Story: “Dark Integers,” by Greg Egan
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Summer Wars
  • Best Graphic Novel: Pluto, by Naoki Urasawa, Osamu Tezuka, Takashi Nagasaki, and Makoto Tezuka
  • Best Artist: Naoyuki Kato
  • Best Non-Fiction: Nihon SF Seishin-shi, by Yasuo Nagayama
  • Best SF-Related Activity: Gundam 30th Anniversary Project Real G the Statue of Gundam
  • Special Prize: Takumi Shibano

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