Penumbra Adopts Some Realms of Fantasy Subscribers

Musa Publishing has announced that they will assume the electronic subscription obligations of Realms of Fantasy with issues of their new digital magazine of speculative fiction, Penumbra. Penumbra is offering print subscribers our November, December and January issues immediately as well as our February issue for free. Print subscribers need to contact Penumbra in order to get put on our mailing list for those issues. In addition, Space and Time will provide copies of their magazine to print Realms of Fantasy subscribers.

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Garden State Horror Writers Contest Winners

The winners of the Garden State Horror Writers Contest have been announced. The first prize winner will receive publication in Space and Time magazine and $75. The theme of the 2010 contest wa “Contact” in any form,

  • First Prize (Graverson Award): “The Awakening,” by Larry Hodges
  • Second Place: “Until I Come Again,” by Justin Gustainis
  • Third Place: “Theater Crowd,” by Joe Nazare
  • Honorable Mentions: “Brujah-ha,” by Lisa Fary; and “Angelica Smiles,” by Bill Mingen

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