ESFS Awards

The winners of the 2015 European Science Fiction Society Awards were announced April 26 at the 37th Eurocon, in St. Petersburg. The Hall of Fame awards are awarded to people who have had an impact both inside and outside their native country. The Spirit of Dedication awards are presented for works and performances produced since the previous Eurocon.

European Grand Master: Eugene Lukin

Hall of Fame

  • Best Author: China Miéville – United Kingdom
  • Best Artist: Manchu – France
  • Best Publisher: Gollancz – United Kingdom
  • Best Magazine: Fantastica Almanac – Bulgaria
  • Best Translator: Ekaterina Dobrohotova-Majkova – Russia
  • Best Promoter of Science Fiction: Mihaela Marika Perkovic’ – Croatia

Spirit of Dedication:

  • Artist: Serhiy Krykun – Ukraine
  • Best Dramatic Presentation: Song of the Sea – Ireland
  • Best SF Website: Europa SF – Romania
  • Best Fanzine: Pritiazhenie – Russia
  • Best Creator of Children’s Science Fiction or Fantasy Books: (tie) Ruth F. Long – Ireland; Anton Lomaev – Russia

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