Obituary: Steven Utley

Author Steven Utley (b.1948) died on January 12, hours after lapsing into a coma. Utley had been battling cancer. A member of the Turkey City writers group, Utley has published numerous short stories an poems, many of which have been collected in book form. He has frequently collaborated with other Turkey City writers, including Howard Waldrop, Joseph F. Pumilia, Lisa Tuttle, and Michael Bishop. Utley and Waldrop were nominated for a Nebula Award for their collaboration
“Custer’s Last Jump.”

Utley in Coma

Science fiction author Steven Utley has lapsed into a coma. Utley was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer and a lesion on his brain. Utley, whose short fiction has been collected in five volumes, is one of the original members of the Turkey City writing group.

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