Publish America v. Writer Beware Settled

A defamation lawsuit filed in 2014 by Publish America (now America Star Books) against Writer Beware, Victoria Strauss, Michael Capobianco, and Rich White has been settled. In addition to defamation, the lawsuit alleged conspiracy. In January 2016, America Star Books’ attorney reached out to settle the lawsuit. America Star agreed to release all claims asserted against Writer Beware (et al.), and to stipulate to Dismissal With Prejudice. ASB does not admit lack of merit and the Writer Beware group does not admit any liability. Writer Beware is an organization which focuses on warning authors of predatory practices in the publishing industry.
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Suit Against SFWA Volunteers Dismissed

A lawsuit filed by Robert Fletcher against SF authors Ann Crispin and Victoria Strauss claiming defamation, loss of business and emotional distress has been dismissed with prejudice by a Massachusetts judge. Crispin and Strauss were sued in line with their volunteer work for SFWA’s “Writer Beware” site pointing out questionable agencies and business practices. The suit was dismissed because of Fletcher’s failure to respond to discovery or otherwise prosecute the lawsuit. Fletcher and his companies are currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General’s Office. Crispin and Strauss intend to file suit against Fletcher and his companies in an attempt to recoup legal fees.

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Victoria Strauss Honored

The SFWA has announced that Victoria Strauss will receive the SFWA Service Award at this year’s Nebula banquet for her work on Writer Beware, the SFWA’s watchdog group which warns writers of agents, publishers, and others in the publishing industry which may not be entirely legitimate.