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Crooked Little Vein
Warren Ellis
Performed by Todd McLaren
Tantor Audio, 5.5 Hours

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Brian Price
Audio writer/producer Brian Price works in many genres -- humor, satire, science fiction and horror. Each year Great Northern Audio produces the Annual Mark Time Science Fiction Audio Awards performances at CONVergence in Minneapolis.
A podcast by Brian Price

Crooked Little Vein Warren Ellis wears his heart and his politics on his sleeve in this darkly humorous and twisted detective-genre tale of the near future. Down on his luck private eye, Mike McGill, stares out his office window at a crumbling, drug-infested, distopian New York City wondering where his rent's going to come from when a big black limousine pulls up and a cadaverous President's Chief-of-Staff climbs out and gives McGill a strange assignment -- find and retrieve the alien-influenced alternate Constitution of the United States. From there McGill and his gorgeous, intelligent nymphomaniac assistant with a heart of gold, Trix, take on all kinds of human scum and follow the clues from New York to Texas to Los Angeles in this lewd, humorous and cruel look at a world lost in moral and political decay.

Copyright © 2007 Brian Price

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