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Sunrise Alley
Catherine Asaro
Performed by Hillary Huber
Blackstone Audiobooks

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Brian Price
Audio writer/producer Brian Price works in many genres -- humor, satire, science fiction and horror. Each year Great Northern Audio produces the Annual Mark Time Science Fiction Audio Awards performances at CONVergence in Minneapolis.
A podcast by Brian Price

Sunrise Alley A man, barely alive, is washed ashore during a violent, raging storm and is found and nursed back to health by Samantha Bryton, a retired, reclusive and brilliant Silicon Valley scientist. The man, who was supposed to have been killed in an automobile accident weeks earlier, is actually an illegally built android, an EI (Evolutionary Intelligence). Soon Samantha and Turner Pascal are on the run from Charon, Turner's evil creator, the military (everybody's on the run from the military), and other EIs and AIs from the notorious Sunrise Alley, where many rogue Artificial intelligences hide while planning an attack on humans.

Copyright © 2008 Brian Price

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