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Son of a Witch
Gregory Maguire
Read by the author
HarperAudio, 14 Hours

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Susan Dunman
Susan became a librarian many light years ago and has been reviewing books ever since. Audiobooks and graphic novels have expanded her quest to find the best science fiction in Libraryland.
A podcast by Susan Dunman

Son of a Witch The Wicked Witch of the West is dead, but did she leave behind a son who may have inherited some of her magical abilities? Left for dead in a muddy culvert, those who tend the mysterious young man are more concerned with saving his life rather than identifying him as the offspring of Elphaba Throp. While comatose, Liir dreams of his past, beginning with the death of the witch at the hands of Dorothy. This twisted tale of the Land of Oz will forever change your vision of an innocent time and place. In the audiobook, Maguire's imagination is coupled with his narrative skills to bring to life a magical kingdom that has its share of human foibles and political maneuverings. But there's also a unique sense of the fantastic layered throughout the narrative, making this sequel to Wicked a title that will have Oz fans hoping for a third installment about Maguire's Emerald City.

Copyright © 2005 Susan Dunman

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