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Terry Pratchett
Read by Stephen Briggs
HarperAudio, 10.5 Hours

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Susan Dunman
Susan became a librarian many light years ago and has been reviewing books ever since. Audiobooks and graphic novels have expanded her quest to find the best science fiction in Libraryland.
A podcast by Susan Dunman

Thud! Thud is the sound made by a heavy troll club when it comes in contact with the head of a very unfortunate dwarf. Or at least, that's the rumor on the streets Ankh-Morpork as dwarves become incensed at the murder of one of their own. And it's exactly what Commander Vimes and the City Watch does not need, especially as the anniversary of Koom Valley, an epic battle between dwarves and trolls, is right around the corner. Vimes finds it hard to concentrate on the big picture when his attention is distracted by such bureaucratic pressures as being forced to hire a vampire due to affirmative-action demands from the black ribbon abstinence league, whose members pledge not to drink a drop of human blood. And although Vimes refuses to believe in the supernatural, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, especially when it comes in the form of a malignant evil called the Summoning Dark that has Vimes in its sights. Pratchett brings to life another Discworld adventure that uses humor to highlight serious topics such as racism, bigotry, and family. This story will delight fans and serves as an excellent introduction to the series for the uninitiated. Stephen Briggs makes this production one of those rare audiobooks where the reader and text is a perfect fit. Don't miss it.

Copyright © 2005 Susan Dunman

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