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Rage of a Demon King by Raymond E. Feist
Rage of a Demon King
by Raymond E. Feist

Oh man... I can't begin to describe the sheer pleasure of finding a copy of this book in the Toronto airport as I ran through Terminal 3 trying to meet a connecting flight. Of course, I stopped, bought a copy and then did a sub-three-minute mile to the departure gate.

Better yet, the flight was a long one and I was able to enjoy a leisurely read at 36,000 feet...

Rage of a Demon King is volume 3 of Feist's Serpentwar Saga and pretty much picks up where Rise of a Merchant Prince left off. Krondor continues to prepare for the inevitable invasion by the forces of the Emerald Queen. Erik and Roo continue to play a pivotal role in the conflict with Erik rapidly gaining rank and responsibility in the military while Roo helps Duke James to finance the war. Feist also ties up a number of loose ends as the book races towards its climax. As expected, Feist delivers a level of characterization and plot development that has made him one of my favorite authors.

Unfortunately, its tough to describe much more of this novel with out giving it all away. But, I'll mention two things. First, there is another book and, second, it's called Shards of a Broken Crown That should give you a hint of the ending.

I guess the really important question everybody will ask... Is Rage of a Demon King as good as Rise of a Merchant Prince? When I first finished it, I'll admit that I felt a bit cheated... almost as if the book was about 300 pages too short. But, after a second read, I think that was Feist's intent. He tries to convey the sense of urgency, panic and general chaos that surrounds the invasion. So, YES, I think it is as good as Rise of a Merchant Prince. In fact, the only thing disappointing about the novel is having to wait another year for Shards of a Broken Crown...

The Legend of Deathwalker
by David Gemmell

I've been a fan of Gemmell since I first stumbled across Legend several years ago and when I happened to find a copy of this latest installment of The Chronicles of Druss the Axeman, I eagerly picked it up and hurried home to read it.

The Druss novels are not high literature by any means. But, they are FUN! Gemmell makes no pretensions about his hero. Druss is a legend and, being a legend, is damn near invincible.

The Legend of Deathwalker tells the tale of Druss and the rise to power of the Nadir (Gemmell's version of the Mongol hordes) tribes. Its an interesting tale filled with diabolical villains, sorcery and, naturally, heroic battles. The plot revolves around Druss's involvement with the desperate defense of a Nadir shrine being attacked by the Gothir army (the oppressive rulers of the Nadir tribes). However, Gemmell weaves a tale of legendary treasure, prophecy and political power struggles around this core. He comes up with a novel well worth the read.

Personally, I love this sort of stuff. Its what makes me keep browsing the bookstore shelves. If you like Salvatore's drow novels or the work of David Eddings, Gemmell will probably meet with your approval and The Legend of Deathwalker will be a welcome addition to your library.


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