Sea Without a Shore (1996)
Book Two of Moontide and Magic Rise
Art: Braldt Braids The One Kingdom
598 pages
ISBN 0-88677-665-1
published by DAW Books

One or two readers have noticed that the herb Tristam Flattery goes voyaging to find is called Kingfoil, very similar to the Kingsfoil found in Lord of the Rings. Yes, this was intentional. It was meant to be like a secret handshake; "Psst, I'm an admirer of Tolkien, too." What no one has noticed, though, is that Tristam Flattery's professor, Cecil Emin lived at eighteen Northmoor Road in the town of Merton. Tolkien lived at number twenty Northmoor Rd. in Oxford. Professor Emin was a kind of literary neighbour.

All such references to Professor Tolkien or his work are meant with the utmost respect, for he has no greater admirer than me.

Sea Without a Shore is largely set in a south seas-like environment and has an attempted mutiny, much conspiring, and the discovery of a plant which can awaken magical powers though it is addictive and destructive. My young empiricist, Tristam Flattery, is caught up in a culture he does not understand and plots he cannot begin to fathom.

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