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The SF Site is dedicated to the best in science fiction and fantasy, in print, audio and other media, on the Web and off. We will continue to expand the site to include our feature reviews, news, indexed links to the best SF sites on the World Wide Web, interviews with SF writers and artists, and much more.

Thanks to all of you who nominated SF Site for a Hugo Award and two World Fantasy Awards.

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Please note:
Since July 1997, SF Site has posted a new issue twice per month. Regrettably, and until further notice, the posting of regular twice-monthly issues will be suspended, although we will continue to post reviews, columns and interviews from time to time.

Over the past few years, revenues from advertising have dropped off, while at the same time postal costs have risen significantly. As a result, our cash reserves were depleted until expenses began to come out of pocket. Unfortunately, we are now at a point where we cannot afford to continue this. Nevertheless, we will maintain the web site and the server, and we will continue to post material as it comes our way -- just not as twice-monthly issues, as we have done in the past.

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The SF Site is not looking for contributors at the present time. If you'd like further information, send an email to editor@sfsite.com.

Swapping Links
We support the idea of swapping links. If interested, send an email to editor@sfsite.com. Spot art for linking our site to yours is available at the bottom of our site index page.

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