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[Cover] Isaac Asimov's History of I-Botics
HarperPrism (art, hardcover)
An unusual and attractive book: a full color illustrated novel set in the world of robotics, based on Asimov's final robot story. Described by the publisher as "a fast-paced, high-tech adventure invigorated by illustrations that capture the spirit of this fantastic classic." No other name associated with it that we could find, either for the author or artist(s). Care to take a chance on a robot book?
[Cover] Bolos 4: Last Stand
Anonymous, ed.
Baen paperback
Created by Keith Laumer

More contributions to the Bolo canon from such names as David Weber, S.M. Stirling, and Steve Perry. I think that, deep down inside, just about everybody wants to write a Bolo story. I know I do.
[Cover] The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula
Roderick Anscombe
Harper paperback
Another retelling of the Dracula story, the blurb reads "think Hannibal Lecter by way of Anne Rice". Geez.
Books by Patricia Anthony
Art: Stephen Youll
Beyond the Pale (The Last Rune, Volume 1)
Mark Anthony
Bantam Spectra (trade paperback, 527 pages, $14.95/$19.95)
Publication date: November 10, 1998

The first original novel from Mark Anthony is the first volume of a fantasy series. When strange runes appear on doors all over the town of Castle City, Colorado, Jack Graystone summons his friend Travis Wilder and hands him an iron box -- just before he is slain by a horde of unearthly creatures. Pursued by the creatures, Travis soon finds himself transported to the world of Eldh, along with ER doctor Grace Beckett. Both become the recipients of mysterious powers, and get swept up in a desperate plan to save the world.
Books by Piers Anthony
The Gaia Websters
Kim Antieau
Penguin/ROC trade paper
Just as a woman learns of her own gift of healing powers in a post-apocalypse world, she finds that her friends are losing the will to live. Soon she's on a quest to save them, far from home and risking her own great secret.
[Cover] Jigsaw Woman
Kim Antieau
An SF retelling of the "Bride of Frankenstein." Created from the bodies of three different women by a twisted doctor, a woman rebels against the plans set for her. Instead she seeks the aid of a goddess and sets out on a quest to find her true self. It appears to be a first novel.
[Cover] Predator: Cold War
Nathan Archer
Bantam Spectra paperback
This is UFO-crash month. After an unidentified celestial object hits the Siberian tundra a series of grisly murders begin, baffling Russian authorities. But the Pentagon knows more than it's telling, and soon a New York detective -- one of the only human survivors of a confrontation with Predators -- is headed to Siberia to face the hunters again. His only ally in this strange land is a young Russian lieutenant who is reluctant to believe the truth that could keep him alive.
The Harlequin's Dance (The First Book of The Orokon)
Tom Arden
Gollancz/Vista (reprint, paperback, 576 pages, 5.99 UK)
Publication date: October, 1998 (First Edition: 1997?)

This set of alluring fantasy novels (see the sequel below) is among the first books we've received from British publisher Victor Gollancz. From the looks of these, we'll be scrambling to locate more. "The god Orok gave to his five children crystals to be embedded in a circle on the Rock of Being and Unbeing, whence had sprung the gods, the earth and all its peoples. This circle, known as The Orokon, ensured the harmony of life, until the dark god Koros plucked his crystal from the Rock and plunged the world into chaos and despair. The true king of Ejland, Ejard Red, has been betrayed, captured, and his throne seized by his twin brother, Ejard Blue. In the village of Irion the crippled boy known as Jemany Vexing lives with his dying mother and his fanatical Aunt Umbecca. Unable to walk, Jem is condemned to a wretched half-life, until he meets a mysterious dwarf... and with his new strength comes a new friendship, with the wild girl Catayane. As the horrors of the Bluejacket regime begin, Jem becomes aware of his greater destiny - to find and reunite the five crystals of The Orokon. But his is not the only seeker: the evil sorcerer Toth-Vexrah has his own plans."
The King and Queen of Swords (The Second Book of The Orokon)
Tom Arden
Gollancz (hardcover, 528 pages, 16.99 UK)
Publication date: October, 1998

Second volume in a fantasy series that North American readers will have to wait a while to sample. "Once there was a land with five evil kings, and each king had an evil queen. Most powerful of all, most wicked of all and, above all, most feared, were the King and Queen of Swords. That was long ago and now the King and Queen of Swords are only painted faces on playing cards, flicking across the green baize of gaming-tables. Or are they? For Jemany Vexing, true Prince of Ejland and Key to the Orokon, keeps hearing their names, in song and in story, as he sets out on the second stage of his quest, seeking the long-lost mystic crystals of the gods. On the run and lying low, Jem is disguised as a wandering Vaga-player, making for the great southern city of Agondon. There, he hopes his mysterious new guardian - promised to him by the enigmatic harlequin - will guide him to the green Crystal of Viana. The second volume of Tom Arden's sweeping fantasy epic vividly depicts an eighteenth-century world of armies and assassins, brothels and bandits, love and longing, ransom and rape - and looming over it all, the ancient riddle of the King and Queen of Swords."
Art: Julie Bell
The Radiant Seas
Catherine Asaro
Tor (hardcover, 464 pages, $26.95 US/$37.95 Can)
Publication date: January 11, 1999

Latest from the hard SF writer of The Last Hawk. "The new novel in the saga of the Skolian Empire is a direct sequel to the acclaimed Primary Inversion. It continues the story of Sauscony and Jaibriol, each the heir to an interstellar empire, as their lives become entangled again in the machinations of the Skolian Empire. They are beginning to pick up what's left of their lives, in exile on a deserted planet with their children, when the fate of much of the known universe comes to rest on the shoulders of their fragile young family. Interstellar war erupts, and Jaibriol is snatched away to be the unwilling ruler of Highton Aristos. Sauscony must fight her way at the head of an invading space fleet to rescue him from his own empire -- without revealing that they are married. And with much of interstellar civilization poised on the brink of destruction, it is the devotion of these two lovers, their sacrifices and their heroism, that might just found a new order. That, and the existence of their teenage son, who is the genetic heir to a legacy of pain he must rise above."
Review by Rich Horton
[Cover] The Last Hawk
Catherine Asaro
Tor hard cover
The long-awaited new novel in the Sage of the Skolian Empire from our own Catherine Asaro, author of Primary Inversion and Catch the Lightning. The Skolian Empire is an interstellar civilization encompassing hundreds of worlds and spanning thousands of years, and each volume has examined the Empire from a different perspective. This time we follow Kelric, the lost heir to the Empire, who flees a battle in a crippled ship and crash-lands on a proscribed world rule by a matriarchy. Kelric is protected and healed, but his ship is destroyed -- for should he ever leave with knowledge of their world, their civilization would surely perish. Recommended.
[Cover] Catch The Lightning
Catherine Asaro
Tor hard cover
Not a direct sequel to last year's best-selling debut, Primary Inversion but set within the Skolian Empire. Highly recommended to fans of Lois McMaster Bujold, but with a harder SF twist.
[Cover] Primary Inversion
Catherine Asaro
Tor paperback
A novel of confrontation between two warring Empires in the far flung future. This novel kept Rodger glued to his seat (except for the usual breaks) throughout. It's a source of contentment to see such a marvellous talent appear and be able to recommend her book. excerpt
Not of Woman Born
edited by Constance Ash
Roc (paperback, 272 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: March 1, 1999

A new themed short fiction collection with some impressive contributors, including Walter Jon Williams, Patricia McKillip, Kara Dalkey, Jack McDevitt, Robert Silverberg, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and others. "An original anthology of stories dealing with modern science's impact on our ideas of conception, birth, and parenting from some of the most imaginative and prophetic authors in science fiction. Stories range from the humorous to the horrific, the fascinating to the far-fetched, with humanity surviving in the face of overwhelming technology as the common theme of each. A truly unique collection from science fiction's elite!"
The Random House Book of Science Fiction Stories
edited by Mike Ashley, illustrated by Paul Finn
Random House (trade paperback)
A reprint anthology offering tales of "an alternate world of mutant earthlings and aliens from the farthest reaches of the galaxy." Contributors include Piers Anthony, Arthur C. Clarke, William Temple, Mike Ashley, and many others.
The Random House Book of Fantasy Stories
edited by Michael Ashley, illustrated by Douglas Carrell
Random House (trade paperback)
Second reprint anthology from Random House this month. This one focuses on fantasy, with tales of "magical spells, fire-breathing dragons, and intrepid heroes." The emphasis appears to be on classics of children's literature, and includes stories by C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, Jane Yolen, E. Nesbit, and many others.
Fabulous Beasts
Malcolm Ashman
Overlook Press (art, trade paperback)
Plenty of art books to chose from this month. This one focuses on the beasts of ancient myth and folklore. "In this esoteric bestiary, award-winning fantasy illustrator Malcolm Ashman renders in full color and with exquisite detail a wealth of these beautiful and frightening creatures, culled from the myths and legends of the Egyptians, Greeks, Babylonians, and others." Care and grooming instructions not included.
[Cover] Project Farcry
Pauline Ashwell
Tor trade paper
Richard Jordan considers his telepathic abilities a curse, until a meeting with an alien species causes him to realize their full potential for the first time. Thus begins the chronicle of a project that will last decades, and could change mankind's future with the secret of faster-than-light communication. Set in the same universe as her Nebula-nominated story "Man Opening a Door."
[Cover] Gold: The Final Science Fiction Collection
Isaac Asimov
HarperPrism paperback
A companion to Magic: The Final Fantasy Collection Magic, it includes stories, essays on science fiction and on writing science fiction.
[Cover] Magic: The Final Fantasy Collection
Isaac Asimov
HarperPrism paperback
Asimov's last original volume of fantasy tales -- all never before collected.
[Cover] The Dream of the Stone
Christina Askounis
FSG hard cover
Askounis first novel, an unusual blend of science fiction and fantasy, remains in print from Farrar Straus Giroux. "Orphaned shortly before her fifteenth birthday, fifteen-year-old Sarah Lucas must live with her aunt and uncle until her older brother, Sam, is finished working on the top-secret Looking Glass, a project for the mysterious institute, CIPHER. Sarah soon discovers that Sam's top-secret research for the Institute involves interstellar travel and a threat to a planet millions of light-years away."
[Cover] Project: Maldon
Chris Atack
Project Maldon is an extremely complex piece of social engineering, designed and implemented to prevent Armageddon. In theory Helen, an Artificial Intelligence of awesome power, spins in orbit and absorbs data from around the globe, spotting trends too subtle for humans to perceive and prescribing cures for civilization before the first signs of rot appear. But during the hot summer of 2027, project director Edward Wolfe begins to suspect a problem as Helen's increasingly odd directives trigger social unrest, murder and finally outright civil war. Only by peeling away the layers of deception will Wolfe uncover the truth a truth far more sinister than he could have imagined.
[Cover] Human Croquet
Kate Atkinson
St. Martin's/Picador hard cover
Once a grand family, the Fairfaxes have been reduced to local grocers in England in the mid-1960s. Their ancestral home, Fairfax Manor, has disintegrated as well... but there's room within both the family and the manor for another moment of greatness. A novel of family, fairy tales, and time from the author of the Whitbread Book of the Year, Behind the Scenes at the Museum. First U.S. printing.
[Cover] The Goulep
Stella Atrium
University Editions trade paper
We had this first novel hand-delivered to us by the energetic and charming author at Windycon. Take a chance on a new author. You won't be sorry. "Dolvia's tribes must band together against the offworld mining corporation who would steal their mineral wealth and leave the people with nothing."
Danilo Ducak
The Wolf and the Crown (The Dragon and the Unicorn, Book Three)
A.A. Attanasio
HarperPrism (reprint, paperback, 411 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: April 1, 1999 (First Edition: 1998)

The third novel in Attanasio's ongoing Arthurian saga (volume four, The Serpent and the Grail, is due out soon from HarperPrism) follows The Dragon and the Unicorn and The Eagle and the Sword. In Attanasio's Camelot Merlin is a demonic creature, the King is pious, and faery folk dance through the Hollow Hills. "The perilous order promised by Arthor's victory is threatened by forces beyond human ken. For Merlin has descended into Hell, to fend with the Fire Lords who give the Universe shimmering form..."
[Cover] The Eagle and the Sword
A. A. Attanasio
Harperprism trade paper
1st US appearance of the sequel to last year's The Dragon and the Unicorn, one of the more epic retellings of the Arthurian saga we've seen.
The Dragon and the Unicorn
A. A. Attanasio
Harperprism paperback
With the release of The Eagle and the Sword this month comes the simultaneous appearance of last year's volume in paperback. A bold and expansive retelling of the Arthur myth. "Before the beginning of time, as light first cools to matter, the electron glow of Heaven holds the seeds for an epic quest for immortality. The quest unfolds with a creature of Fire, a Unicorn of Light, a Queen with a gift, and a King with a world to save. Sweeping from the mud hut cities on the Euphrates to the glass and steel towers of tomorrow, this is the tale of a King new born, the heir Pendragon, Eagle of Thor--Arthur." We rest our case.
Deathlands #37: Demons of Eden
James Axler
Worldwide Library Gold Eagle paperback
Abandoning a western villa besieged by desert pirates in search of the legendary cities of the Spanish conquistadors, Ryan Cawdor and his rugged team discover a hidden valley untouched by civilization. Worldwide Library publishes a Deathlands books roughly every two months, alternating with the Outlanders series, also written by Axler. Together they come to nearly a book a month, all from the same man. Is Stephen King looking nervously over his shoulder?
[Cover] The Lost
Jonathan Aycliffe
New horror novel from the author of The Matrix, Naomi's Room, and The Vanishment. Hoping to escape his life as an English prep school teacher, Michael returns to his ancestral Romania to reclaim his grandparents' land, where he discovers that he is a titled lord and learns of an ancient evil. I'll bet it's still better than being a prep school teacher.
[Cover] Slaughtermatic
Steve Aylett
Four Walls Eight Windows trade paper
In a world where crime is the ultimate expressionist art form, Dante had planned a masterpiece. With the assistance of Download Jones, a meat puppet whose personality lives on the Net, and Kid Entropy, whose weapon bonds with his psyche, he's planned a bank heist that will secure his fame as a serious artist forever. By duplicating himself in a time shift, he projects himself ahead of the robbery and enters the vault undetected. Everything works perfectly until his second self, Dante Two, stubbornly refuses to sacrifice himself as planned...

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