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Kevin J. Anderson
The X-Files: Antibodies
HarperPrism hard cover
Volume 5 in the popular series, something to tide you over during the re-runs.

Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Diversity Alliance
& Rebecca Moesta
Boulevard paperback
A continuation of the popular young adult saga. The young Jedi Knights are still searching the galaxy for the missing Bornan Thul, but time is running out. In this episode their true enemy is revealed.
Also released this month is Rebecca Modesta's Junior Jedi Knights #4: Anakin's Quest.
& Doug Beason
Ace paperback
Latest from the prolific team whose earlier collaborations include Assemblers of Infinity (nominated for the 1994 Nebula Award), Ill Wind (Forge), and Ignition (Forge). Their previous title for Ace Books was Virtual Destruction, the first in the high-tech mystery/thriller series introducing FBI agent Craig Kreident, and in Fallout we find him in the thick of things again as he follows a chain of events that could lead to nuclear armageddon.
[Cover] Ill Wind
and Doug Beason
Tor (reprint, paperback, 563 pages, $6.99 US/$7.99 Canada)
Publication date: May 1996

A post-apocalyptic thriller featuring an original and very unusual apocalypse indeed, from the authors of Assemblers of Infinity and Ignition. "When a supertanker crashes off San Francisco, producing the largest oil spill in history, the multinational oil company at fault releases an untested "designer microbe" to break up the spill. The "oil-eating" microbe was designed to cleanly consume almost anything made of petrocarbons: oil, gasoline, synthetic fabrics, even plastics. But the microbe propagates through the air... and when every car in the Bay area turns up with an empty gas tank, people begin to suspect something is terribly wrong. And when, just a few days later, every piece of plastic around the world begins dissolving, it's too late."
Star Wars: DarkSaber
Bantam Spectra paperback
Luke and Hans Solo return to Tatoonine in search of the spirit of Obi Wan Kenobi, only to discover the Hutts are attempting to re-build the planet- destroying weapon from the Death Star. Meanwhile, the Rebellion faces a legion of troops led by the united forces of Admirals Daala and Pellaeon.
Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights: Shards of Alderann
& Rebecca Moesta
Boulevard paperback
Number 12 in the series from the husband and wife team, following The Lost Ones, Darkest Knight, and Jedi Under Siege. After their final victory over the Shadow Academy, Jacen and Jaina stumble into an adventure that leads them to the ruins of their mother's homeworld, and a long-lost enemy of the legendary Solo family.
[Cover] War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches
Bantam Spectra paperback
To quote the dust jacket, "The Martian Invasion of Earth as if witnessed by Jules Verne, mark Twain, Emily Dickinson, Albert Einstein and many other notables worldwide". This new (self-explanatory) anthology includes authors Connie Willis, Allen Steele, Daniel Keys Moran, Gregory Benford, and David Brin.
[Cover] The X-Files: Ruins
Harperprism paperback
Mulder and Scully investigate an archaeologists disappearance while excavating a lost Mayan city. Mulder figures (of course) on scaly prehistoric monsters or ancient blood sacrifices, but it is more likely to have something to do with the government recon team sent to take out the unexplained signaling device located beneath the ruins--and aimed at the stars.
[Cover] The X-Files: Ground Zero
HarperPrism paperback
A nuclear scientist is found incinerated at a nuclear power plant, two more deaths quickly follow. Mulder and Scully unearth information of a new weapon the government is working on--atomic bombs with no radioactive fallout. Hopefully, this is better than the last two.
[Cover] Star Wars: Tales from Jabba's Palace
Bantam Spectra paperback
A new self-explanatory collection of stories to fan the flame that has become the Star Wars phenomenon.
[Cover] Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Bantam Spectra paperback
Ever wonder what happened to the other mercenaries Darth Vader hired to capture Han Solo? M. Shayne Bell, Daniel Keys Moran, Kathy Tyers, Dave Wolverton, and Kevin J. Anderson fill us in.
[Cover] Blindfold
Warner Aspect paperback
A very timely release in the wake of the O.J. Simpson trial. On the colony world Atlas, a man accused of murder allows himself to be read by a Truthsayer--users of Veritas, a telepathy virus. When she finds him guilty, he discovers that the Veritas virus has been corrupted and justice has been blinded. Could they not have just imported our media?
[Cover] Star Wars: Tales from the Mos Eisesly Cantina
Bantam paperback
Another collection of bar stories, this time set in the infamous cantina.

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