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Patricia Anthony
[Cover] Flanders
Ace hard cover
The author of the surprising God's Fires and Cold Allies changes subjects abruptly once again, this time with a tale that may slip outside of the genre altogether. Former Harvard medical student Travis Stanhope is now a private and expert sharpshooter in the British army during World War I. Each night he ventures forth into No-Man's land and waits for dawn, when he begins the methodical killing of troops in the German trenches. As his mind and body slowly become numb to the horror around him, Stanhope finds that his dreams are, strangely, becoming more and more real -- dreams of a calico angel and the dead are all round him, ghosts unwilling to leave the battlefield. "Mesmerizing stuff, highly textured and brimming with insight." -- Kirkus Reviews.
Carlos Alejandro
Eating Memories
Ace (reprint, paperback, 367 pages, $6.50 US/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: September, 1998 (First Printing: July, 1997)

First collection of short stories from the noted author of Flanders, Cold Allies, God's Fires and Cradle of Splendor. "Eating Memories spans a decade of stirring short fiction from the award-winning author. This is a collection that cements Anthony's reputation as a writer who takes the term "speculative fiction" to an entirely different level."
God's Fires
Ace (reprint, paperback, 384 pages, $6.50 US)
Publication date: July, 1998

An involving novel of religion and history from the author of Cradle of Splendor and Flanders. "In sixteenth-century Portugal, where the Inquisition protects the true word of God, Father Manoel Pessoa has begun to hear strange confessions from the villagers of Quintas. Glowing lights in the sky. Angels who lie with women. A virgin birth. At the root of the tales is a falling star, which struck the earth with three strange beings aboard. Angels, devils, or something more? That is the burning question -- quite literally. For the Inquisition is abroad, and the fate of many may depend on the answer...."
[Cover] Cradle of Splendor
Ace paperback
By the author of the forthcoming God's Fires. In a bid to be a major space power, Brazil makes a deal with mysterious aliens for their technology. Is the deal behind the disappearence of thousands of innocent people? Only a handful of people know, and if they talk it could lead to war.
(Cover art from hard cover edition.)

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