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Piers Anthony
Tristan Elwell
Muse of Art (Geodyssey, Book 4)
Tor (hardcover, 445 pages, $26.95/$38.95 Can)
Publication date: May 25, 1999

The Geodyssey series began with Isle of Woman, Shame of Man and Hope of Earth. "In a rousing, passionate story that ranges from the mists of prehistory to a terrifyingly plausible near future, Muse of Art explores the special talents that have inspired and motivated us since the earliest days of our existence: curiosity and creativity, seduction and survival, destruction and healing. We view some of the most explosive eras in human history through the eyes of three remarkable women: Avalanche, Melee, and Talena. Through them we take part in the occult mysteries of Egypt, the savage wars of the Olmecs, the violent clashes between the Romans and Celts, the court intrigues of ancient Cambodia, the savagery of Attila the Hun, the Napoleonic Wars, and the siege of Stalingrad in the darkest days of World War II."
Art: Darrell K. Sweet
Zombie Lover (Xanth, Book 22)
Tor (hardcover, 304 pages, $23.95/$33.95 Can)
Publication date: October 27, 1998

Okay, I'm not sure if this is volume 22 or not. Truth is, I've lost count. It doesn't matter, in any event -- unlike most fantasy series, you can dip in and out of the world of Xanth without worrying about continuity too much. In the latest installment set in the Florida-shaped fantasy world where literally anything goes, the beautiful Breanna of the Black Wave accidentally takes a nap in the Pavilion of Love belonging to Xeth, King of the Zombies -- which carries with it an obligation to marry him. To evade his grim attentions she is driven to flee to the Isle of Women, and from there to many other Xanth landmarks and meetings with many familiar characters. It's a guided-tour-of-Xanth approach similar to the other recent books in the series, one which makes this especially appealing to new readers.
Art: Tristan Elwell
Dream A Little Dream
& Julie Brady
Tor (hardcover, 301 pages, $23.95 US/$33.95 Can)
Publication date: January 7, 1999

Latest collaborative novel of light fantasy from the author of the Xanth series, who teams up this time with first novelist Julie Brady. "Nola and Tina are both girls with problems. They don't know each other yet, but they will, because each is a Creator, with the magical ability to turn dreams into reality. It would be a great gift and a great power -- if either knew she had it. But this world is hard on dreamers, whether they dream true or not. Nola is trapped in a terrible, abusive relationship with a man she once loved; Tina is an orphan who makes her living on the street. All their dreams are slowly being ground into dust. It's a common enough tragedy, a sorrow and a grief and a shame upon the world, not matter who it happens to. But when dreams themselves die, when the great dreamers stop dreaming, whole universes of imagination are lost. And the land of Nola and Tina's dreams is fighting back. Into their miserable everyday world soars Esprit, a winged unicorn dark as the space between the stars. He is the vessel of Nola's dreams, come to aid her in her battle with sordid reality. Following after him comes Prince Michael, whose quest it is to find the human dreamers who can save his land from ruin. And suddenly Nola realizes that the last thing she wants is to keep both feet firmly on the ground..."
[Cover] Spider Legs
and Clifford A. Pickover
Tor hard cover
The author of the popular Xanth novels teams with the acclaimed nonfiction author Clifford A. Pickover, author of Black Holes: A Traveler's Guide, to create a disturbing tale of our own world, and the strange creatures with whom we share it. "In an age when the overcrowded Earth swarms with hungry inhabitants whose waste chokes even the sea, strange things are born in the ocean's depths." (I think I've seen this movie.)
[Cover] Quest for the Fallen Star
and James Richey, Alan Riggs
Tor (hardcover, 414 pages, $25.95 US/$35.95 Canada)
Publication date: July 27, 1998

"Throughout the Realm of Infinitera, in shadow and in light, the word has gone out: The Dark One did not die at the Desecration Fault. In these strange new times has come a thing never seen before. A star has tumbled, burning, from the sky: the Fallen Star, which has journeyed through the Abyss to land on Infinitera. It holds a power of evil more dangerous than the Dark One himself, one that could defile all Creation. To save the Realm, the High Bishop charges a band of lonely travellers to accompany him on a journey to a lost island at the end of the world. There, in the temple Atablicryon, waits the one weapon that can defeat the fallen star." A collaboration between the popular author of the Xanth series and two first novelists.
Hope of Earth
Tor hard cover
Latest in the Geodyssey saga, following Isle of Woman and Shame of Man,, an ambitious saga that stretches across human history with a single narrative. Anthony's fans have a substantial presence on the Web -- check out some of the websites devoted to his work.
Ace paperback
A story of friendship, between a lonely boy named Thor and a genetically recreated nine-ton rhinoceros of prehistoric times. With illustrations by Patrick Woodroffe.
Yon Ill Wind
Tor paperback
The latest Xanth novel (you know that title's a pun... they're just getting trickier).
[Cover] Roc and a Hard Place
Tor paperback
Are there lawyers in Xanth? Surely not!
[Cover] Geis of the Gargoyle
Tor paperback
This is the latest in the saga that is Xanth.
[Cover] Tales of the Great Turtle
& Richard Gilliam, ed.
Tor paperback
An anthology containing twenty-nine fantasy stories of Native American tradition.

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