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Books by Greg Bear
Art: Paul O. Zelinsky
The Eyes of the Killer Robot (A Johnny Dixon Mystery)
John Bellairs
Puffin (reprint, trade paperback, 169 pages, $4.99 US/$6.99 Canada)
Publication date: July 1998

If you've missed out on the 8 Johnny Dixon mysteries, there's still time to catch up. The late John Bellairs was the master of gothic scares, and his many bestselling works for Young Adults included The House With A Clock in it Walls, The Dark Secret of Weatherend, and The Mansion in the Mist. This time, Johnny finds himself matching wits with the mad Evaristus Sloane, a scientist who's invented a unique and amazing baseball-playing robot. But the robot can only be activated by human eyes, and the maniacal wizard has selected the keenest pair around -- Johnny Dixon's.
Art: Paul O. Zelinsky
The Trolley to Yesterday (A Johnny Dixon Mystery)
John Bellairs
Puffin (reprint, trade paperback, 185 pages, $4.99 US/$6.99 Canada)
Publication date: July 1998

In the 6th Johnny Dixon novel, Johnny and his friend Professor Childermass discover a rickety old trolley car behind a bricked-up wall in the Professor's house, and learn it can travel through time. Soon Johnny, Fergie, and the professor are headed for Constantinople during the Turkish invasion in 1453, with a desperate plan to alter history. Now they have to find a way back, before they're taken prisoner... or worse.
[Cover] The Dark Secret of Weatherend
John Bellairs
Penguin/Puffin trade paper
Another great Anthony Monday mystery. When Anthony discovers the diary of the reclusive J.K. Borkman, he finds plans to turn the world into an icy wasteland. Soon ghastly weather sets in, in a fashion eerily similar to the method described in the book. But Borkman has been dead for years... or has he?
The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn
John Bellairs
Penguin/Puffin trade paper
"Did Alpheus Winterborn, the eccentric town millionaire, really hide a treasure in the Hoosac Public Library before he died? Anthony Monday is sure there must be a treasure--but the clues are so bizarre that he wonders if he'll survive the search. And what if Winterborn's evil nephew is letting Anthony find the treasure--only to snatch it away?"
Books by Gregory Benford
[Cover] Keeper of the King
Nigel Bennet & P.N. Elrod
Baen/Starline paperback

Can the quest for the holy grail ever end for a pair of ethical vampires?
The Plague Tales
Ann Benson
Delacorte hard cover
A debut novel of horror and science fiction which looks at the re-appearance of the bubonic plague. The narrative alternates between the 14th and 21st centuries, offering something for historical fiction lovers in the bargain.
[Cover] Queen of the Witches
Jessica Berens
Arrow paperback
A favourite from a couple of years ago, it's finally available in paperback. For fans of Diana Wynne Jones - it describes the wacky goings-on in the battle for the Queen of the Witches in contemporary London. Quirky, off-the-wall and a perfect pick up for the February blues.
Art: John Stephens
The Door Through Washington Square
Elaine Bergstrom
Ace (paperback, 360 pages, $6.99 US/$8.99 Canada)
Publication date: August 1998

Dierdre McCallum remembers her great-grandmother Bridget's house as a place of antiques and magic. When she is summoned to Bridget's side to settle her affairs, she senses something... strange about the house. And when she opens the sun room door and finds a doorway to the past, she steps into a world 72 year distant from ours. There she meets Bridget as a young lady, finds love with a man destined to die before she was born... and great danger as she uncovers Bridget's darkest secret, her involvement with the infamous and sinister Aleister Crowley, whose dabblings in unnamed powers promise destruction for her entire family. Now Dierdre must set things right, and rescue both her family and her one true love. From the author of the vampire novels Shattered Glass, Tapestry of Dark Souls, Blood Alone, and Blood Rites.
Children of the Dusk
Janet Berliner & George Guthridge
White Wolf
The conclusion of the highly original Madagascar Trilogy, a dark series of modern horror.
The Last Dragonlord
Joanne Bertin
Tor (hardcover, 400 pages, $25.95 US)
Publication date: December, 1998

The debut fantasy novel from Joanne Bertin is one of the most impressive first novels we've seen this year. Reviewer Todd Richmond says "she's off to a fabulous start. The Last Dragonlord is romance and intrigue wrapped up in high fantasy... filled with a richness of detail that makes you want to know more". "Dragonlord Linden Rathan is the last-born of a race of immortal were-dragons. He has spent six hundred years alone, searching endlessly for his soultwin while his fellow Dragonlords sit deep in their mountain keep at the crown of the world, watching over humanity's Five Kingdoms. When the Queen of Cassori dies under mysterious circumstances, Linden and the other Dragonlords are drawn once again into mortal affairs, this time to prevent civil war as two claimants vie for the regency."
Review by Todd Richmond
Art: Evan Gaffney
MIR (Rim Trilogy, volume 2)
Alexander Besher
Simon & Schuster (hardcover, 297 pages, $24 US/$33.50 CAN)
Publication date: July, 1998

Sequel to Besher's debut novel Rim, the Philip K. Dick Award nominee which Entertainment Weekly called "Blade Runner meets William Bibson meets Douglas Adams... an exciting (and funny) novel of international intrigue." "The year is 2036 and the world is in the grip of a new cold war. The Berlin Wall is back up and concentration camps have been recreated. It is an eerily familiar conflict with a chilling twist -- this is a battle for control of cyberspace and the Wall and the camps are both of the virtual variety. It's a time when epidermal programming is the cutting-edge fetish among the fringe dwellers of the hacker underworld. These epidermal programs are sentient tattoos that can travel on-line and perform tasks for their owners on the Net. They can even move from body to body in forbidden techno-pagan rituals. Now the Mir virus is on the loose, traveling as a passenger on the tattoos. Like the tattoos, Mir can migrate from consciousness to consciousness, from body to body, from individuals to entire nations, both off-line and on-line. No one, nothing, is safe in its deadly path."
[Cover] RIM: A Novel of VR
Alexander Besher
HarperPrism paperback
It's described as "Blade Runner meets William Gibson meets Douglas exciting (and funny) novel of international intrigue". But don't let the hype fool you. It's a very good read--especially if you like Neal Stephenson.
Double Helix, Book One: Infection (Star Trek: The Next Generation #51)
John Gregory Bentacourt
Pocket (paperback, 226 pages, $6.50/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: June 7, 1999

An intriguing crossover series that takes place early in the continuity of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and involves such characters as the Bajoran rebel Kira Nerys (before she becomes a Starfleet officer on DS:9), Gul Dukat, and Voyager's Chakotay & B'Elanna when they were Maquis. The opening title of this six-volume series begins with the crew of the Enterprise, shortly after their Encounter at Farpoint, sent to contain a plague on an agricultural planet. As Dr. Crusher struggles to find a cure, Riker, Tasha Yar, Data & Worf lead away teams to the surface to investigate... and find more than they bargained for. Released simultaneously with the second volume, below.
[Cover] Hercules: The Wrath of Poseidon
John Gregory Betancourt
From the author of Hercules: The Vengeance of Hera comes a retelling of... make that a brand new telling of the Hercules myth. Poseidon, god of the seas, has called forth a creature from the ocean depths to destroy the city of Troy. Only the sacrifice of Princess Almacea can lift the curse -- unless Hercules and his companions can slay the sea monster on their own. And no, Xena does not make a guest appearance. Enough with that.
[Cover] The Hag's Contract
John Betancourt
TSR paperback
This is a new novel in the Birthright series


Wild Wild West
Bruce Bethke
Warner Aspect (paperback, 247 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: June, 1999

Okay, it's not exactly hard SF. But the upcoming film looks, at the very least, imaginative and technically dazzling. Besides, there just isn't enough western science-fantasy these days. I'm goin'. "Now a major motion picture from Warner Bros. premiering the Fourth of July and starring Will Smith, Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh. Jim West, hero and hot head, and Artemus Gordon, inventor and master of disguise, team up in 1869 as President Ulysses S. Grant's secret weapon to combat espionage on the western front after the Civil War. They must destroy a twisted genius named Dr. Loveless -- if they don't kill each other first. Contains an 8-page photo insert." From the author of the Philip K. Dick Award-winning Headcrash.
[Cover] Headcrash
Bruce Bethke
Warner Aspect paperback
It's a first novel from the software developer who coined the term cyberpunk; very light, very silly

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