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John Barnes
Art: Chopping Block
Tor (hardcover, 303 pages, $22.95 US/$31.95 Can)
Publication date: March 11, 1999

From the author of Apostrophes and Apocalypses and A Million Open Doors. "Lyle Peripart's world is coming apart. Up until just a few days ago he was a settled professor at the University of Auckland. The descendant of American expatriates, he's proud of his ancestry and privately doesn't care for the Reichs that have dominated the world since the Axis victory over a century ago. But he's the quiet type, not looking for a fight. Then Lyle is recruited for private industry by the mysterious industrialist Geoffrey Iphwin -- and that's when everything stops making sense. His fiancee turns out to be a gun-toting weapons expert who saves him from assassination --and who, immediately afterwards, remembers nothing of what she did. But what she does remember is that she grew up in a world with an entirely different history, in which America surrendered to the Soviet Union in the 1970s. Even stranger, several of their friends turn out to have each grown up in worlds with different histories still. Worse, they gradually realize that not one of them has ever talked to anyone inside the continental United States. In fact, just thinking about the United States is hard -- as if something is trying to stop them."
Design: 12E Design
Apostrophes and Apocalypses
Tor (hardcover, 349 pages, $24.95 US/$34.95 Can)
Publication date: January 6, 1999

First short story collection from the author of Earth Made of Glass, Kaleidoscope Century, and Mother of Storms, among many others. Prepare to be entertained. "Before novels like A Million Open Doors, One for the Morning Glory, and Earth Made of Glass, John Barnes was known for quirky, powerful short stories, many published in SF magazines in the late 1980s. Most of them have been unavailable for more than a decade. Now the best of them are collected for the first time -- along with several new stories never before published. Included are such noted tales as "My Advice to the Civilized," "Under the Covenant Stars," and "Stochasm." Here is also "Delicate Stuff," from the universe of Orbital Resonance; and appearing in print for the very first time are works like "Why the Stars Are Always So Bright from Cousin Sid's Farm" and "Gentleman Pervert, Off on a Spree." Also collected here are several examples of Barnes' trenchant writings on the art of SF, ranging from provocative polemics like "Deep in the Heart of Genre" and "That Style Thingie" to his classic "How to Build a Future," the definitive modern essay on the construction of science-fictional plausibility."
[Cover] Caesar's Bicycle (Timeline Wars #3)
HarperPrism paperback
The author of Mother of Storms and Kaleidoscope Century brings us the third adventure of private eye Mark Strang, who has fought the alien Closers in every century. Strang is asked to travel far back in time to the age of Caesar and the great Roman Triumvirate to investigate the disappearance of a fellow time agent. He discovers Caesar has been subverted by a Closer representative and the Triumvirate has been undermined with civil war, mutual destruction, and a redraft of history looming.
[Cover] Earth Made of Glass
Tor hard cover
This is the sequel to the Nebula-nominated A Million Open Doors, which introduced the Thousand Cultures. A thousand years from now, the hundreds of worlds settled by far-flung humanity are at last coming back into regular contact, thanks to a new invention called the springer which permits instantaneous travel across light years. Set twelve years after the first book, world-hopping diplomats Giraut and Margaret find themselves tasked with bringing the hostile world of Briand into the new human community -- the sole world yet to build a springer.
Timeline Wars: Washington's Dirigible
The demi-human Closers are waging a ruthless war of annihilation with humanity across a million alternate timelines. Mark Strang, Crux Op agent, is sent to colonial America to locate a missing time agent... but in this timeline George Washington is Duke of Kentucky, and the man on Britain's throne is an impostor. Strang's plan to rescue the real King George III sends him into a battle in the skies on both sides of the Atlantic. From the author of Orbital Resonance and Mother of Storms.
Timeline Wars: Patton's Spaceship
Military SF from the author of Mother of Storms and Orbital Resonance.
[Cover] One For The Morning Glory
No one has ever been able to capture the charm of William Goldman's The Princess Bride - but Barnes is giving it a shot. It looks like he may just be able to do it - but we'll see.
[Cover] Kaleidoscope Century
In this new novel from Nebula-nominated Barnes--a novel Voya calls "Neuromancer meets Clockwork Orange," 140 year-old Joshua Ali Quare wakes up in a young body with no memory of his past. He soon discovers that he has been a key player in the events of a turbulent and violent century--but it's his own past he must uncover before its secrets destroy the future of the human race.

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