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Ben Bova
Gregory Bridges
Return to Mars
Avon/Eos (hardcover, 404 pages, $25/$37 Can)
Publication date: June 8, 1999

The sequel to Bova's popular 1992 epic, Mars. "Six years have passed since Jamie Waterman took charge of a foundering expedition and courageously led its surviving members to perhaps the greatest scientific discovery in the history of humankind: extraterrestrial life in its most basic form. But things have soured for Waterman back in Earth's rich atmosphere since the monumental breakthrough that brought him fame and-for a time-happiness. Now a second Martian expedition has been announced. Jamie Waterman is named commander and must journey back to the eerie, unforgiving landscape of towering cliffs and sere natural beauty that haunts him still. But a destructive rivalry, a new emotional attraction, and a series of deadly unexplainable "accidents" could doom the mission of which he is in charge."
Avon/Eos (reprint, paperback, 499 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: December 9, 1998 (First Printing: 1978)

Reprint of an early SF novel from the author of Immortality and Moonrise. "In the future everything is different. But nothing has changed. The Earth has been poisoned by pollution, choked by overpopulation, and ravaged by the mindless greed of power-hungry corporations. A fragile peace is threatened by landless revolutionaries and global anarchy seems imminent. Yet a single ray of hope remains... Island One is a celestial utopia, and David Adams is its most perfect creation -- a man with a brain as advanced as any computer and a body free of human frailties. But David is a prisoner--a captive of the colony that created him--destined to spend the days of his life in an island-sized cylinder that circles a doomed and desperate home planet. Thousands of miles below him, a world trembles; its people cringe in terror and despair in anticipation of an impending apocalypse. And as Earth's boundaries, fate has cast one extraordinary human in the role of savior. For David Adams gas a plan--one that will ultimately ensure the salvation of his species... or its annihilation. "
Sam Gunn Forever
Avon Eos (paperback, 278 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: November 11, 1998

Before he was a big shot novelist with the likes of Moonwar and Mars under his belt, Ben Bova wrote a series of short stories for markets like Analog featuring an astronaut hero, Sam Gunn. They weren't exactly serious, but they always entertained. The first volume was collected in 1993 as Sam Gunn, Unlimited. "Sam Gunn has a nose for trouble, money and women -- though not necessarily in that order. He's a hero without peer...or scruples; a man with the ego and stature of a Napoleon, the business acumen of a P.T. Barnum, and the raging hormones of a newly pubescent teenage boy. He's Sam Gunn, the finest astronaut NASA ever trained...and dumped. But more than money, more than women, Sam Gunn loves justice! (Though he does dearly love women and money.) Whether he's suing the Pope, coming to the aid of voluptuous twin sisters in the "virtual sex" trade, or on trial for his life on charges of interplanetary genocide, you can be sure of one thing: this pint-sized space jockey will meet every challenge with a smile on his lips, an ace up his sleeve...and a blaster in his pocket."
Photo: J.K Potter
Moonwar (Moonbase Saga, Book 2)
Avon EOS (reprint, paperback, 501 pages, $6.99/$8.99 Can)
Publication date: October 7, 1998 (First Printing: March, 1998)

In 1976, Ben Bova wrote a classic novel of a moonbase at the turn of the century called Millennium. Now that the era he portrayed has actually arrived, he's revisiting that theme -- this time with a trilogy of novels, and with two decades of scientific advancement behind him. "It's now 7 years after the indomitable Stavenger family has realized its cherished dream of establishing a colony on the inhospitable lunar surface. Moonbase is now a thriving community under the leadership of Doug Stavenger, a marvel of scientific achievement created and supported by nanotechnology: virus-size machines that can build, cure, and destroy. But nanotechnology has been declared illegal by the home planet's leaders. And a powerful despot is determined to lay claim to Stavenger's peaceful city...or obliterate it, if necessary. The people of Moonbase -- a colony with no arms or military -- must now defend themselves from earth-born aggression with the only weapon at their disposal: the astonishing technology that sustains their endangered home."
Review by Lisa DuMond
Art: Amy Halperin
Avon Books (non-fiction, hardcover, 283 pages, $24 US/$31 CAN)
Publication date: September 1, 1998

Bova's science fiction novels -- including Moonwar, Orion Among the Stars, and Brothers -- have won him considerable respect, but he is also a prolific science author, with some thirty non-fiction works to his credit. Now he tackles the subject of science and aging with a book subtited "How Science Is Extending Your Life Span -- and Changing the World." Bova claims that some people who are alive today will achieve immortality through genetic research, and the belief that within the next fifty years the key to aging will be unlocked. "A lively overview of the exciting work being done in biomedical research today.... Taking the reader inside the cell to explain current theories about aging and death, Bova... gives a short and snappy biology lesson on genes, DNA, and cells." -- Kirkus Reviews.
[Cover] Moonwar
Avon/EOS hard cover
More than twenty years ago, Ben Bova wrote an SF novel called Millennium, about a moonbase in the year 1999. It established his reputation as a science fiction writer. In 1996 he revisited and updated that theme with Moonrise, the story of a lunar colony struggling for self-sufficiency. In Moonwar, the colony is now a thriving community on the frontier of nanotechnology. But when Earth issues a ban on nanotechnology, Moonbase is forced to choose between abandoning the one thing that could lead it to economic success -- and declaring independence from Earth.
Twice Seven
Avon EOS (paperback, 290 pages, $6.50 US/$8.50 Canada)
Publication date: July 8, 1998

Ben Bova is the Hugo Award-winning author of Moonwar and Mars, a hard SF writer with a rep for hard hitting near-future tales. This collection of 14 stories, each accompanied by specially written introductions that shed some light on Bova's approach to his craft, cover a surprising range of topics and settings. "Consider the possibilities: a time traveller on a desperate mission from the future brings together H.G. Wells and Albert Einstein at an Austrian cafe. The strange but true fate of President John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe is revealed by none other than Howard Hughes. A lonely young woman aboard an asteroid-mining ship is all that stands between earth and cosmic annihilation. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb and other baseball legends compete in a game sure to be every fan's field of dreams come true."
[Cover] Moonrise (The Moonbase Saga, Book 1)
Avon/EOS paperback
From the Hugo Award-winning author of Mars and Death Dream comes the opening novel in the epic tale of the first permanent human settlement on the Moon. Moonbase is the dream of ex-astronaut Paul Stavenger and his wife, the powerful corporate head Joanna Masterson Stavenger, who both fight to ensure that it will grow from a lonely outpost to a bustling centre for manufacturing and technological development -- development that becomes vital to all humankind. Moonrise is a tale of the power, passion, and personalities that drive one of the greatest projects in human history to fruition -- and threaten to destroy it. The sequel, Moonwar, arrived in hardcover last month.
[Cover] Orion Among the Stars
Tor paperback
The fourth Orion book finds John O'Ryan, his experiences and skills shaped by the mysterious Creators, continuing the battle in their support up and down the timelines.
[Cover] Brother
Bantam paperback
A scientific thriller about the discovery of immortality and the effects upon a family of scientists from the author of Mars. Described as "required reading for every politician, lobbyist and scientist who needs to know what the future holds" (Dr. Kenneth Jon Rose).
[Cover] To Fear the Light
& A.J. Austin
Tor paperback
Sequel to To Save The Sun, "riveting...the kind of bookthat reminds us why we started reading science fiction in the first place" (West Coast Review of Books)
[Cover] Death Dream
Bantam paperback
A virtual reality thriller or so it's claimed.


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