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David Brin
Jim Burns
Heaven's Reach (The New Uplift Trilogy, Book 3)
Bantam Spectra (reprint, paperback, 560 pages, $6.99/$9.99 Can)
Publication date: May 11, 1999 (First Edition: July 1998)

Final volume in what's called both The New Uplift Trilogy and The Uplift Storm Trilogy. Startide Rising, the second Uplift book, was one of the most impressive modern SF novels I've read. Recommended. "In Brightness Reef and Infinity's Shore, David Brin boldly returned to the Uplift universe he so brilliantly invented in the Nebula and Hugo award-winning trilogy Sundiver, Startide Rising, and The Uplift War. Now he concludes this second trilogy with his most imaginative and emotionally powerful novel to date -- the shattering epic of a universe poised on the brink of revelation...or annihilation. After centuries of mutual peace, the "sooner" experiment on planet Jijo is coming to a tragic end. The six fugitive races that escaped there from the Five Galaxies have been discovered by ancient enemies. The terrifying Jophur have plans for the exiled inhabitants: a program of genocide and forced breeding to suit their own perverted needs."
Review by Mark Shainblum
Infinity's Shore review by Catherine Asaro
Art: Jean Targete
Foundation's Triumph (Second Foundation Trilogy, Book 3)
HarperPrism (hardcover, 328 pages, $25/$36.50 Can)
Publication date: May 1, 1999

The third member of "The Killer B's" -- Gregory Benford, Greg Bear, and David Brin -- completes the third and final novel in the Second Foundation Trilogy (following Foundation's Fear and Foundation and Chaos). Based on the classic Foundation series by Isaac Asimov, the new trilogy follows the adventures of psycho-history mastermind Hari Seldon. In Foundation's Triumph, Seldon deals with the first stirrings of robotic rebellion and prepares to risk everything for knowledge -- and the power it bestows.
[Cover] Heaven's Reach (The Uplift Trilogy, Volume 3)
Bantam Spectra hard cover
David Brin is one of the most creative and original SF writers at work today, and Heaven's Reach marks the conclusion of perhaps his most ambitious project. The saga that began in Sundiver, the Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Startide Rising and The Uplift War established Brin as the modern standard bearer for SF adventure tales; he continued the story with Brightness Reef and Infinity's Shore, and now he concludes the tale against the immense backdrop of the Five Galaxies, with a cast of eight different orders of beings and literally thousands of races. Whew. Keep a scorecard handy. "The human and dolphin-crewed starship Streaker continues its desperate flight across the galaxy, carrying secrets vital to the very survival of Earth."
[Cover] Infinity's Shore
Bantam Spectra paperback
Paperback reprint of the second novel in Brin's new Uplift trilogy, continuing the story begun in Brightness Reef. On the planet Jijo six groups of sapient beings -- once deadly enemies -- exist together peacefully in joint fear of discovery. When their fragile alliance is tested, not all of the groups maintain the peace, leading to plunder, genocide, and the looming possibility of death for them all.
[Cover] The Postman
Bantam Spectra paperback
Re-issue of the 1990 edition of Brin's post-apocalyptic novel, just before the arrival of the film version written and directed by Kevin Costner. Gordon was a wanderer who traded tales for food and shelter. When he finds the jacket of a long dead postal worker, he finds the old worn uniform is still a powerful symbol to those he meets, even in a land devastated by war -- a symbol of hope, and perhaps even recovery.
Brightness Reef
Bantam Spectra paperback
The start of a new set of books in the universe of the Uplift Trilogy (Sundiver, Startide Rising and The Uplift War). Refugees from six different races violate an edict from the Five Galaxies and to establish a small colony on the planet of Jijo, an ecological reserve. When a spaceship lands, the settlers face discovery and destruction at the hands of the guardians... or possibly something even worse. excerpt

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