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Edgar Rice Burroughs
J. Allen St John
The Land That Time Forgot (Commemorative Edition)
Univ. of Nebraska Press/Bison Books (reprint, omnibus, trade paperback, 428 pages, $14.95 US)
Publication date: March 15, 1999 (First Edition: 1924)

A handsome re-packaging of three of Edgar Rice Burroughs' most famous adventure tales: The Land that Time Forgot, The People that Time Forgot, and Out of Time's Abyss. This Commemorative Edition has a new introduction by Mike Resnick. "One of the most popular and influential science fiction tales of all time. A captive aboard an enemy submarine, adventurer Bowen Tyler finds himself on the mysterious forgotten continent of Caspak in the South Pacific, whose savage inhabitants are dinosaurs and Bronze Age warriors. Hidden behind towering, impassable cliffs, Caspak will not easily give up its secrets. Dinosaurs terrorize tropical jungles to the south, while menacing winged humanoids dwell in cities on a large island in the north. Caught between these threats are scattered groups of human beings. Despite their differences, however, Caspak's animals and peoples are all connected in a mysterious and marvelous way. This commemorative edition features the entire Caspak trilogy in one volume, as intended by the author. Also included are a rare map of Caspak drawn by Burroughs, and the classic J. Allen St. John illustrations."
[Cover] Tarzan at the Earth's Core / Tarzan the Invincible
Del Rey
Numbers 13 & 14 in Del Rey's reprint series. Your chance to get the complete Tarzan in a compact format, before the TV series arrives and makes a mess of everything.
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle / Tarzan and the Lost Empire
Del Rey
Omnibus paperback collection of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan classics. This volume is part of Del Rey's bimonthly releases.
Tarzan: The Lost Adventure
and Joe R. Lansdale
Del Rey
Previously published in serial format by Dark Horse Comics, Joe R. Lansdale's completed version of an original Burroughs manuscript offers plenty to interest adventure fans of all eras. Tarzan is guiding an archaeologist and his beautiful daughter on a quest for ancient Ur, the fabled lost city of gold. But they're not the only ones one the trail of the city. And in Ur, an awesome horror hungers to destroy Tarzan.
Tarzan and the Golden Lion / Tarzan and the Ant Men
Del Rey
Was Tarzan ever bitten by a mosquito? Now there's a jungle I'd like to visit.
Tarzan the Untamed / Tarzan the Terrible
Del Rey
More high-quality Tarzan reprints from Del Rey. The poor guy may be a bit untamed, but I don't think he's all that terrible. Then again, I've never had him over for tea.
Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar / Jungle Tales of Tarzan
Del Rey
Another bimontly release of some Tarzan classics. Two books in one.

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