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Arthur C. Clarke
3001: The Final Odyssey
Ballantine Del Rey hard cover
A spaceship finds the frozen body of Frank Poole, killed by HAL in 2001, floating in space. Death isn't a barrier to 31st-century medicine, and Frank gets a second chance. Despite the Monolith's warning to stay away from Europa, Frank is determined to complete his mission to investigate the mysterious black slab.
2061: Odyssey Three
Ballantine Del Rey trade paper
In the third volume of the series, Heywood Floyd is once again given an opportunity to confront Dave Bowman -- but he also discovers a very changed HAL, and the seemingly limitless power of an unseen alien race that has determined Mankind's fate in the evolution of the galaxy.
2010: Odyssey Two
Ballantine Del Rey trade paper
Richter 10
and Mike McQuay
Bantam Spectra paperback
Clarke (Rama Revealed, 2001: A Space Odyssey) is joined by McQuay (The Nexus, Memories) for a near-future thriller. Lewis Crane is a seismologist who lost his family and home to an earthquake. He's developed his own unique method of earthquake prediction and it informs him that The Big One, a Richter 10, is on the way. He even knows exactly when and where it will strike--and possibly how to stop it. Not surprisingly, Crane and his theories are mocked by many and ignored by others. But Crane has lost everything to a quake before, and this time he'll stop at nothing to avert disaster.

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