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Allan Cole
[Cover] Wolves of the Gods (The Timura Trilogy, Part 2)
Del Rey trade paper
The sequel to Wizard of the Winds, one of the most popular fantasy novels to hit this office last year, from the author of The Warrior Returns and co-author of the bestselling Sten novels. Allan Cole tells us, "The character of Safar Timura, the hero of my trilogy, was inspired by the life of the ancient poet-astronomer Omar Khayyam. Wolves Of The Gods continues Safar's story as he explores the mysteries of a nameless evil that is slowly poisoning his world... A sample chapter will be bound into 127,000 issues of Realms Of Fantasy magazine."
[Cover] Wizard of the Winds
Del Rey trade paper
First US publication of a title released in the UK as When Gods Sleep, this one looks like a winner. A fresh and original epic fantasy of demons and humans, kings and floating circuses, and magic with an historical feel. From the co-author of The Far Kingdoms and its sequels.
[Cover] Kingdoms of the Night
and Chris Bunch
Del Rey paperback
Billed as an Epic Fantasy of the Anteros, it follows the adventures started in Far Kingdoms but set about 70 years later when Anteros discovers his buddy has a daughter and that there is an even more powerful race than found in the first book.
The Warrior Returns
Del Rey paperback
Part of the Anteros series. Guess who's back?

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