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Glen Cook
Allan Pollack
Faded Steel Heat (Garrett P.I., Book 9)
Roc (paperback, 358 pages, $6.99/$8.99)
Publication date: June 1, 1999

If you're a fan of both Private Eye fiction and SF/Fantasy, you've got your pick of series to choose from -- including P.N. Elrod's The Vampire Files (below). But Cook's series has its own unique blend of mystery, magic, and tongue-in-cheek action. "Since the end of the war, there had always been bigotry against non-humans in TunFaire. Even though many species had sacrificed in battle, some groups of humans thought the "Golden Rule" translated to "Humans rule. Now give us your gold." With the streets descending into bloody race riots, and the organized "human" brotherhoods flexing both physical and economic muscle, TunFaire was a hairsbreadth from total chaos. Backed by a circle of friends no one would wish on their worst enemy, wise-guy private investigator Garrett is caught in a conspiracy of hate that pits man against... everybody!"
Water Sleeps (The Glittering Stone, Book 3)
Tor (hardcover, 464 pages, $24.95)
Publication date: March, 1999

The sequel to Bleak Seasons and She Is the Darkness is the eighth book in the popular dark fantasy series that began with The Black Company. "In the 1980s the early Glen Cook's Black Company series in Tor paperback slowly built into a sleeper success. Then the series appeared in hardcover for the first time in 1996 with Bleak Seasons, the first new installment in over five years. Now Cook returns with another new drama of magic and treachery in a world of epic warfare between sorcerers and demigods."
[Cover] The Black Company
The Black Company, a band of mercenaries, are tricked into serving the evil Lady in this dark fantasy. The first Black Company novel.
[Cover] Bleak Seasons
Five years after his last Black Company novel, Cook returns with the first in the new Glittering Stone trilogy. The Company must defend the fortress of Stormgard as ancient gods stir and their commander goes mad.
[Cover] Dreams of Steel
The fifth Black Company novel. Croaker has fallen and Lady must assemble a new fighting force after the Company's disastrous defeat at Dejagore.
[Cover] Shadow Games
Croaker leads the Black Company in search of the Lost Annals, but the Shadowmasters watch their every move and the deadly Shadow Games begin. The fourth Black Company novel.
[Cover] Shadows Linger
The second Black Company novel. The company still serves the evil Lady, bound by their honour and contract, and must face the Rebels of the White Rose. Then they discover that they shelter the true White Rose, a centuries-dead heroine reincarnated as a mute girl.
[Cover] The Silver Spike
The silver spike contains the essence of the Dominator, maddest of the Ten Who Were Taken. And when a band of thieves find it, they unleash an evil spirit on an unsuspecting world.
[Cover] The White Rose
The Company now fight for the White Rose, no longer serving the evil sorceress Lady. But an even greater evil now threatens as the Dominator rises from the grave. The third Black Company novel.
[Cover] Bleak Seasons: Book One of Glittering Stone
Tor paperback
Croaker is dead and standard bearer Murgen takes up the tale of the siege of Stormgard. Stores swore they'd rent a neon sign for the front lawn when this one finally arrived - hopefully to silence the whining mob who have waited (not always patiently) for the next Black Company novel. Well, the sign would be a wasted expense as the novel Glittering Stone, promised several years ago at the end of Dreams of Steel, has become a trilogy. The lamentations have already begun for volume two.
[Cover] Petty Pewter Gods
Roc paperback
It's the seventh volume in Cook's Chandleresque series of a private eye in Faerie.


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