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Kara Dalkey
[Cover] The Heavenward Path
Harcourt Brace (hardcover, 230 pages, $17 US/$24 Canada)
Publication date: April 1998

The sequel to the Young Adult volume Little Sister from the multi-talented author of the Blood of the Goddess fantasy trilogy, the science fiction novel Steel Rose, The Curse of Sagamore and The Nightingale. Two years after Mitsuko, daughter of the noble Fujiwara clan, undertook a journey to the land of the dead in search of her sister's soul, a series of ominous dreams remind her of her vow to repair the small shrine where she once took refuge. If that isn't enough, her father has announced that she is to marry an eleven-year-old prince. Looks like it's time to again call on Goranu -- the ancient and mischievous shape-changer who fell in love with her -- as she faces a dragon, an angry ghost, and other supernatural beings in an attempt to set things right.
Matt Stawicki
Crystal Sage
Roc (paperback, 266 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: May, 1999

New novel of fantasy from the author of Steel Rose, Little Sister and the Blood of the Goddess trilogy. "When two housecleaners arrive at a client's house, they are shocked to discover a strange which actually speaks when strummed! It turns out to be their client, who is none to helpful in explaining her predicament. In their search for clues, the cleaning duo find that their client (now a guitar) had been performing bizarre musical experiments on her computer involving ancient Celtic manuscripts. What follows is an offbeat and humorous journey to locate the one man who can help restore their client's humanity...but he isn't so eager to do so!"
[Cover] Bhagavati (Blood of the Goddess, Volume 3)
Tor hard cover
Third installment of a rich fantasy series set in ancient India, sequel to Goa and Bijapur. Apothecary's apprentice Thomas Chinnery continues his sixteenth-century quest for the Rasa Mahadevi, a powder that can bring the dead back to life. This time the obstacles are not only the gods and wizards of India, but the Portuguese Inquisition, as his journeys take him into the heart of the Mughal empire of southern India, a rising civilization under its greatest leader, Akbar. From the author of Steel Rose, and the wife of SF writer John Barnes.
[Cover] Goa (Blood of the Goddess, Vol. 1)
Set in India in the 1500s, and specifically the Portuguese colony of Goa, this is the start of a fantasy trilogy from the author of Eurayle. Thomas, a young English apothecary's apprentice sent to collect rare herbs in Africa and India, meets an alchemist with a mysterious powder that can restore life to the dead. The corrupt Inquisition quickly becomes involved, as do a mysterious lady and merchants from Europe, the Arab nations, and the Mughal Empire.
Bijapur, Blood of the Goddess, Volume 2
Tor hard cover
By the author of Eurayle and the first volume, Goa. An intriguing series for its setting alone: India in the 1500's. Thomas, a young English apothecary's apprentice, has been sent to collect rare herbs in Africa and India. In the first volume he met an alchemist with a mysterious powder that could restore life to the dead; in this one Thomas is led further towards his destiny by the lovely woman Aditi and disturbing dreams.
[Cover] Steel Rose
Roc paperback
T.J Kaminski would have done anything to advance her art. When she conjures up two creatures with steel-gray eyes and razor-sharp teeth in a secret corner of Schenley Park, she's offered her heart's desire. Suddenly crowds begin to flock to her performances -- but with them comes a new audience: tall, thin creatures who are furious at the magic she uses. When she picks up a rose one of them throws on stage, she unwittingly steps into the middle of a battle between the Sidhe and the faerie, two immortal foes. And if either side wins, humanity loses.

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