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Keith Allen Daniels
Dyscrasias: Selected Poems
Anamnesis Press e-book
Anamnesis Press is the brainchild of poet Keith Allen Daniels, and it's published some of the finest work in the field, including last year's Saul's Death and Other Poems by Joe Haldeman, which made the SF Site Top Ten list for 1997. It's also published a significant portion of Daniels' own work, surprisingly diverse poetry with particular resonance for SF and dark fantasy fans. Now Anamnesis Press presents two multimedia "diskbooks" from its founder, sure to surprise and delight fans of this gifted and highly energetic artist. For additional information, check out the Anamnesis Press website.
Notes From the Antipodes
Anamnesis Press e-book
Second multimedia diskbook from an artist who, as always, insists on being on the media cutting edge.
[Cover] Loopy is the Inner Ear
Anamnesis Press chapbook
A slim volume of dark poetry from the author of What Rough Book, including the poems "Bookmarks in The King in Yellow," "Einstein's Brain," "Agonoch and Old Bones," and one of my favourites, "Numbers of the Beast." Not at all what you might expect -- these poems are humorous, irreverent and satirical as often as they are piercing and dark.
[Cover] What Rough Book: Dark Poems & Light
Anamnesis Press trade paper
No, Anamnesis Press has not been hyperactive of late. Seems they're representing some of their older work, including this collection of moody genre poetry from Keith Allen Daniels, an N.A.I.P. Fallot Literary Award winner. True, literary poetry awards don't always catch our eye, but trust us -- this isn't going to bring back memories of those boring college coffeehouses where you were trying to impress that cute lit major. Expand your horizons a bit, and check out the work of one of the genre's finest true stylists.

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