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Jack Dann
Art: Doug Struthers
& Gardner Dozois
Ace (paperback, 276 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: December 1, 1998

Dann and Dozois are responsible for twenty themed anthologies from Ace in the last decade alone. Now they add to that list with a collection of reprint stories featuring nanotechnology -- the ability to remake your body (or someone else's) with tiny organic machines. This volume contains some of the most celebrated short stories of the last ten years, including multiple award winners and nominees "Blood Music" by Greg Bear, "Recording Angel" by Ian McDonald, "Axiomatic" by Greg Egan, and "We Were Out of Our Minds With Joy" by David Marusek, as well as work from Stephen Baxter, Nancy Kress, Kathleen Ann Goonan, Paul Di Filippo, Michael F. Flynn, and Geoffrey A. Landis. This is one of the strongest reprint anthologies I've seen in a while. Worth checking out.
Art: Chris Moore
Future War
and Gardner Dozois, eds.
Ace (paperback, 261 pages, $5.99/$7.99 Can)
Publication date: August, 1999

A handsome and rather tasty volume of short story reprints centered on wars of the future (I thought Jerry Pournelle had the copyright on this). Dann and Dozois can always be counted on to showcase the best in modern short fiction, and they do so again here -- with such fine stories as "Second Skin" by Paul J McAuley, "Second Variety" by Philip K. Dick, "Floating Dogs," by Ian McDonald, and "The Private War of Private Jacob," by Joe Haldeman.
Review by Thomas Myer
[Cover] Wandering Stars: An Anthology of Jewish Fantasy & Science Fiction
Jewish Lights (reprint, trade paperback, 239 pages, $16.95 US)
Publication date: May 1998

A classic collection of Jewish SF first published in 1974 and finally returned to print by small press Jewish Lights. Introduced by Isaac Asimov, the volume includes contributions from William Tenn, Avram Davidson, Isaac Asimov, Harlan Ellison, Robert Silverberg, Horace L. Gold, Pamela Sargent, Bernard Malamud, George Alec Effinger, Robert Sheckley, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Carol Carr.
[Cover] The Silent
Bantam Spectra (hardcover, 286 pages, $23.95 US/$32.95 Canada)
Publication date: July 13, 1998

Like Kim Stanley Robinson, Jack Dann has two books to offer this month. First up is The Silent, his first novel since the impressive The Memory Cathedral, the story of 14-year-old Edmund McDowell, caught up in the aftermath of Stonewall Jackson's collision with a Federal Army in 1862. When Mundy disobeys his father and goes in search of the approaching battle, hoping to watch his hero Stonewall repel the Yankees, he soon finds himself in the midst of a brutal rout. Escaping to find his way home, he arrives just in time to see soldiers shoot his father and rape and murder his mother. "I reckon that was the day I first got the knack of being invisible. The spirit dog seen me right off, though. Hie eyes were like red coals and everywhere he went, it seemed death followed. Him and me, we mostly traveled together after that." "There is no doubt that Dann captures, in a way few other novelists have, the sheer bloody chaos of battle in the Civil War." -- Kirkus Reviews.
[Cover] Timegates
and Gardner Dozois, eds.
A strongly-themed anthology with a dozen stories, from the editor of Asimov's SF Magazine and the author of Junction.
Three in Time
& Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski
White Wolf
White Wolf gathers three respected SF authors for their latest omnibus.
[Cover] The Memory Cathedral
Subtitled A Secret History of Leonardo Da Vinci, Dann tells a historical fantasy about a missing year in the painter's life. Beautiful book at a nice price.
[Cover] Hackers
and Gardner Dozois, ed.
With the 18th volume in their one-word-title series of reprinted short stories, the editors bring us work by such authors as Neil Stephenson, Gerg Bear, Bruce Sterling and William Gibson.

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